Validity and the DMA Reveal Email’s Journey to the Inbox in an Upcoming Webinar


Can email marketing be successful without transparent, proactive data management and rigorous adherence to email sending best practices? Validity is partnering with the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) to bring you the latest research into email deliverability and how organizations view and optimize their marketing programs (and budgets) to provide email its greatest opportunity for ROI. In Email Deliverabilty – A Journey to the Inbox,…

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Email Deliverability – What do Marketers Really Think?


Validity is delighted to be partnering with the DMA to produce the “2020 Email Deliverability – A Journey into the Inbox” report, and we’ll be co-hosting a webinar on June 2 to launch it! Far more than just another benchmark report, we consider the views of more than 200 major email program owners as they respond to questions like: How strong is your understanding of…

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Email Experts Series: Interpreting SMTP Codes


Email deliverability can be difficult to understand. With so many different mailbox providers (MBPs), algorithms, and nuance, not to mention recipient behavior, it can feel impossible to crack the code for really great email marketing campaigns. Are you using all the tools you have at your disposal to make sense of all the data available to you? In this edition of the Email Experts Series,…

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Things You Missed from the State of Email Live, Episode Four, the AMA Edition


We like to mix things up here, so that’s exactly what we did this for our newest State of Email Live webinar. We invited Validity email experts Alex Heinz and Sloan Simmons to join our veteran hosts Guy Hanson and Greg Kimball, and they allowed the audience to ask them any and all questions they had. It was the ultimate email AMA. But don’t fret,…

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Gmail’s Blocking Lots of COVID-19 Email. What’s DMARC Got to Do with It?


*As of May 15, the WHO updated their DMARC policy to reject.* A recent article on Media Post revealed Gmail is currently blocking roughly 18 million malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 every day. This is in addition to the 240 million daily COVID-related spam emails Gmail blocks. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that bad actors are exploiting the most significant global crisis in generations…

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[Guest Post] When Patience Pays Off: The Journey to Improved Deliverability


Asking marketers to make a change to their sending methods is always a tough conversation. But asking them to make a change when improved results are hopeful, but not guaranteed, is even harder. As deliverability experts, we face this challenge (and opportunity) when we partner with our clients to address deliverability issues. We can’t always predict how mailbox providers will respond, but tightening sends to…

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What is a Spam Trap?


Spam traps and how you might email them can be a long conversation. The simplest way to describe them is they’re addresses functioning solely to catch bad senders being…well, bad. Beyond that, while still keeping this simple, there are a few classifications of spam traps. They can be an email address on a sender’s list that has either not opted in to receive mail or…

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Email on Tap, Episode 21: Lee Brine, Sr. Director of CRM, Vimeo


In Season 2’s final episode, Validity spoke with Lee Brine, Senior Director of CRM at Vimeo (and Validity customer!), to delve into his history at the world’s largest ad-free video platform. Lee discusses his start in CRM, building an email marketing program from scratch, to today, where Vimeo has scaled its platform to serve over 175 million members globally. What does Lee see in his…

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BuzzFeed Article Uses Validity Spam Trap Data: What Does it REALLY Mean?


Yesterday, BuzzFeed dropped one of their signature exposés, this time revealing unsavory marketing behavior from the people behind SafeMask, a disposable mask people rushed to for safety from the novel coronavirus. In their reporting, they used some data from our spam trap network to highlight the sheer magnitude of dodgy email practices employed by affiliate marketers shilling this mask to desperate and vulnerable Americans. BuzzFeed…

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