Things You Missed from the State of Email Live, Episode Four, the AMA Edition


We like to mix things up here, so that’s exactly what we did this for our newest State of Email Live webinar. We invited Validity email experts Alex Heinz and Sloan Simmons to join our veteran hosts Guy Hanson and Greg Kimball, and they allowed the audience to ask them any and all questions they had. It was the ultimate email AMA. But don’t fret,…

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Gmail’s Blocking Lots of COVID-19 Email. What’s DMARC Got to Do with It?


*As of May 15, the WHO updated their DMARC policy to reject.* A recent article on Media Post revealed Gmail is currently blocking roughly 18 million malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 every day. This is in addition to the 240 million daily COVID-related spam emails Gmail blocks. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that bad actors are exploiting the most significant global crisis in generations…

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How Do the Best Email Marketers Build Successful Campaigns? [New eBook]


You may be familiar with the term “superhero.” It’s a moniker given to those who place themselves in harm’s way to protect others. You might even have a favorite superhero whose latest movie adaption will compel you to see it twice in its opening week (when we get to go back to the movies). At Validity, the heroes we love to root for over and over again are Email…

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The Three Most Surprising Things I Learned from the State of Email Live, Episode Two


This week, Validity hosted another State of Email Live webinar to give attendees a look at trends in email today. Validity Director of Privacy Matthew Vernhout led the discussion with Greg Kimball, senior director of product management, and Laura Christensen, director of professional services, providing in-depth insight into the data and activity they’re seeing. After diving into the charts and listening to their expertise, I…

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Litmus Wins Email Hero Award for Most Innovative Campaign


Being email experts, it’s no surprise Litmus knows how to create an innovative and engaging campaign. However, the team at Litmus went above and beyond with their recent newsletter. Not only did they generate amazing campaign results, but also impressed subscribers so much that some reached out directly to complement them on the campaign.   To discover the story behind this innovative campaign, we interviewed the team…

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Eargo Wins Email Hero Award for Best Newsletter


Creating an engaging newsletter can be a challenge for any email marketer. However, Eargo who offers state-of-the-art hearing aids, had the additional challenge of keeping customers engaged post-purchase without any new offers or products to sell. Undeterred, Eargo newsletter managed not only to attract inbox attention during the busy holiday period, but also managed to earn impressive open and click-through rates.    To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Ron Dorsey, director, lifecycle marketing at Eargo.  What…

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What is SNDS and How do I Even?


Microsoft’s Smart Network Data Services, also known as SNDS, is a free service offered by Microsoft. Marketers use SNDS to gain insight into some important data about their sender reputation and email deliverability to Microsoft mailboxes. Data points available from SNDS: Number of messages sent from your IP addresses to Microsoft recipients Reputation of your sending IP addresses (either green, yellow, or red) Amount of…

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Razer Wins Email Hero Award for Best Offer Email


Subscribers’ inboxes are constantly flooded with offer emails, particularly during the winter holiday rush. It takes a savvy email team to not only create an email that stands out, but also one nearly doubling year-over-year revenue from the email channel.   To understand what went into this award-winning offer email, we interviewed Shannon Chua, digital marketing specialist at Razer.    What were the goals of this particular campaign?  During the…

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Neyber Wins Email Hero Award for Best Winback Campaign


Winback campaigns are a perfect opportunity to remind inactive subscribers the benefits of the brand and hopefully inspire them to re-engage. Neyber created a campaign to reach out to potential customers who expressed interest in a loan application but had no interaction since. Through their targeted winback campaign, Neyber more than tripled their conversion goal.    To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Max Sobell, senior marketing automation & CRM manager…

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My Top Five Takeaways from Wednesday’s State of Email Webinar


Our State of Email live webinar on April 1 brought together email industry experts from Validity, to discuss the current email marketing landscape (which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our time). Speakers included Guy Hanson, VP of Customer Engagement; Greg Kimball, Sr. Director of Product Management; Bonnie Malone, VP of Customer Success; and Laura Christensen, Director of Professional Services. If you were unable…

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Ramsey Solutions Wins Email Hero Award for Best Subject Line


This week we’re featuring Ramsey Solutions, winners of Validity’s Email Hero Award for Best Subject Line. To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Tony Hendrix, Email Marketing Specialist at Ramsey Solutions. What were the goals of this particular campaign? Increase customer confidence while deepening the relationship between the sales advisor and customers. We also wanted to decrease the amount of user churn…

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Email on Tap Episode 20, with Simms Jenkins, Founder and CEO, BrightWave, an Ansira Company


Anthony Chiulli, from our product marketing team, met with Simms Jenkins, founder and CEO of BrightWave, an Ansira Company, recently to film this episode of Email on Tap. Together, they talked about the history of BrightWave, Jenkins’ work in the email industry, and where Jenkins sees email going in the future. As an innovation-focused leader, email marketers will want to hear Jenkins’ perspective on what…

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One in Six Messages Fail to Reach the Inbox [New Report]


Now more than ever, as budgets shift to digital channels, marketers must trust in email to communicate with their audiences. But because of poor email practices, one in six emails usually never reach the inbox. How confident are you with your email performance?  In our eighth annual deliverability benchmark, we analyzed the performance of over 2 billion email messages sent in 2019 from thousands of senders in over a dozen industries to see how many…

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Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Triggered Email, this week we’re featuring! To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Cynthia Do, Promotions & Email Marketing Team Lead at OpticsPlanet. What were the goals of this particular campaign? The goal of this email is to alert customers of a new deal on products from their wish list. We hoped that by…

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