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Validity relanza su Programa de Partners para fortalecer a los mejores proveedores de gestión de datos y de marketing por correo electrónico


Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing y Jarrang son las últimas incorporaciones al programa, que se ha reabierto este mes  Validity ha anunciado el relanzamiento del Programa de Partners de Validity. Una iniciativa estratégica que da soporte a los profesionales del correo electrónico para la optimización de sus programas de engagement con el cliente y aumenta el ROI del email marketing y la gestión de

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Validity relança o seu Programa de Parceiros para capacitar os melhores provedores de serviços de e-mail marketing e gestão de dados


Enext, Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing e Jarrang são as mais recentes adições ao programa, que reabriu este mês  A Validity anunciou o relançamento do Programa de Parceiros da empresa, uma iniciativa estratégica que oferece suporte aos profissionais de e-mail para otimizar os seus programas de engajamento do cliente e aumentar o ROI do e-mail marketing e gestão de dados. Como parte do

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What’s Going on With Gmail and Political Senders?


No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, politics and email can stir up strong emotions.   For years, email senders and stakeholders have questioned if spam placement is politically biased. Recently, a study found that Gmail (as well as Yahoo and Microsoft) flagged Republican political emails as spam at a higher rate than those of their Democratic counterparts.   The study resulted in several critical statements

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View Time Optimization by Verizon Media: An Email Marketer’s Must-Have, ONLY from Validity


Email is currently living its best life. How do we know? Because we’ve partnered exclusively with Verizon Media to bring email marketers the next big feature in commercial email, and it’s going to change your whole playbook. Introducing View Time Optimization (VTO) The days of analyzing your open data to find the “right” time to bulk-send marketing emails are over. Now, Validity for Email customers…

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