Protecting Inboxes is a Civic Duty


Since the 2016 elections there has been a critical focus on the mechanisms we use to engage with the political process, discuss issues, read news, and ultimately, engage in the constitutionally enshrined activity of voting. Although email is tangential to the voting process, it is nonetheless a critical component of our everyday lives, both personal […] The post Protecting Inboxes is a Civic Duty appeared…

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Sender Policy Framework (SPF): A Layer of Protection in Email Infrastructure


Have you ever had someone (playfully or maliciously) take your phone and text someone pretending to be you? It doesn’t feel very good, does it? Even after you clarify the truth with the recipient, they’ll likely be wary of all your texts in the future. And you’ll probably be a lot more careful who you […] The post Sender Policy Framework (SPF): A Layer of…

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