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Litmus’s Delivering Podcast: Seeing Into the Future With Oracle’s Chad S. White


After a sobering spring, the 2020 holiday season is looking like it may be one of the riskiest and challenging in decades. That’s the focus of episode #28 of the Delivering podcast, where Litmus’s Jason Rodriguez and I talk about: The most beneficial lesson to come out of 2020 The pressures on email programs to be lean and efficient The long list of major challenges…

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How to Email During a Disaster or Pandemic — Without Alienating Your Customers


What a year. Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisioned a pandemic sweeping the world and bringing just about every small business to a halt. It goes without saying, but we live in a different world today. Life will eventually get back to normal, but the ways in which you communicate with your customers has to be adjusted when these life altering situations…

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