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32 of the best podcast names (and how to name your podcast)


Your podcast name is your first impression. It’s what makes someone decide that it’s a show they want to spend time listening to or if it’s one they’ll pass on. What’s the right podcast name? Your podcast name should reflect the ideal listener, the value your listeners get, and the perspective they’ll hear. That’s why you feel the pressure to pick the right name. The…

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Top 3 Ways to Avoid Email Spoofing Attacks


It’s hard to overstate the impact of COVID-19 on the email landscape. Marketers have leveraged the email channel to communicate with subscribers more than ever before. Volume has skyrocketed and, as covered in our June State of Email webinar, there’s no sign of slowing down. It should come as no surprise that nefarious characters have been emboldened by the crisis and are getting in on…

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Low on cash? Here’s how you can create a music website on a budget


A solid music website is one of the biggest self-promotion tools an artist can have in 2021. Even in an age where social media seems to dominate the attention of your fans, musicians like you need a centralized hub where you can connect with your audience and showcase your work to the rest of the music industry. That hub? Your own music website. A musician’s…

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