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7 Ways 5G Wireless Will Impact Digital Marketers


With Apple joining Samsung and others in officially announcing 5G-compatible phones, the next generation of mobile technology has truly arrived. This new age opens up a variety of opportunities for marketers because 5G wireless promises speeds that are roughly 10 times faster than today’s 4G. In this post, Jonathan McClure says there are seven areas that marketers should focus on: More Video Richer Website Design…

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How to sell music online and thrive as a musician in 2021


Jump ahead Why sell your music online? Different types of music to sell online Where you can sell music online How to sell your music with ConvertKit Commerce   Fun fact: I was once the lead singer of a popular local rock band, and even though I’m no longer belting out melodies, there are certain things you don’t forget… Like the jitters leading up to…

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Email Marketing Statistics – Everything You Need to Know


I got my first email address when I was around 12 years old. I used to love AOL’s encouraging “you’ve got mail” greeting, though my inbox was fairly vacant back then. Flash forward to 2020 and, though I’ve been through 3 different personal email addresses (plus a ton for various places of employment and education), I am still an avid email user – just like…

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