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Como explicar o que é SPF em bom português


O mundo do e-mail tem a sua cota de maçãs podres.  Os ataques de phishing e spoofing dispararam nos últimos anos. E, infelizmente, remetentes com mau comportamento estão ficando mais espertos e mais perigosos a cada dia.  Os provedores de e-mail e provedores de serviços de Internet responderam a essas ameaças crescentes exigindo que certas medidas de autenticação fossem implementadas para uma entrega de e-mail bem-sucedida.  Mas

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Cómo explicar SPF en buen español


El mundo del correo electrónico tiene su cuota de manzanas podridas.  La cantidad de ataques de phishing (robo de información) y spoofing (suplantación de identidad) se ha disparado en los últimos años. Y, desafortunadamente, los malvados responsables se vuelven cada día más inteligentes y peligrosos.  Los proveedores de buzones de correo y los proveedores de servicios de Internet han respondido a estas crecientes amenazas exigiendo la implementación

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The Importance of Cleaning Dirty Data for Improved Operations and Customer Success


Imagine trying to cross the ocean with a boat that has holes in it. You’ll get wet. You might even sink. You certainly won’t make it across smoothly. The chances of this happening are quite small, as any sensible person would thoroughly check their boat before embarking on such an endeavor. But what about the CRM data your business uses to contact leads, segment customers

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How to Launch a Successful Holiday Campaign


I join Mailmodo CEO Aquibur Rahman on the Growth Chat Podcast to talk about holiday planning, as well as how I got my start in email marketing. I share some of the advice from our Holiday Marketing Quarterly series and discuss a wide range of issues, including: How email marketing amplifies existing demand How planning for the holidays is a year-round effort How consumer behaviors

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Try These Email Copywriting Tips to Make Sure It Converts Once It Hits the Inbox


Formulating an effective and enticing email may seem challenging. Not knowing what your email should consist of, what tone is appropriate, or what format you should use is daunting. This guide will teach you what email copywriting is and provide you with a range of tips for you to craft the perfect email. What is email copywriting? Email copywriting is the process of writing emails

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How to Test Email Address Validity and Reachability


Email validation is the process of identifying whether an email is valid and deliverable. Email reachability describes the number of users that can be reached via an email platform. If more emails on your list are valid, then they can reach your prospects or subscribers. In this guide, you’ll learn about the benefits of testing email validity and how Kickbox can help you achieve your

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