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How to Create Lead Generation Landing Pages that Convert


Lead generation landing pages are the superstar sales team for your online business. Even while you're sleeping, they're out there beating the pavement 24/7, drumming up leads and growing your audience. It isn't an easy job, either. Your landing page has to effectively perform the entire sales process in only a few seconds, grabbing visitors' attention and convincing them to sign up for your offer.…

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Get Insights from OMC Consulting’s 500+ Marketing Experts Delivered to Your Inbox


Oracle Marketing Cloud Consulting is excited to launch a new twice-monthly newsletter designed to spark conversations about how brands can seize their digital marketing opportunities and overcome their challenges. Our 500+ consultants have expertise in every facet of digital marketing—from creative and strategy to compliance and automation—and will be sharing insights, advice, and client stories to help marketers envision the future of digital marketing. In…

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Check Your List Twice This Holiday Season


It’s the holidays and so many marketers are under pressure to deliver on their lofty goals, beat last year’s numbers, and go from red to black as early as possible. Email is a low cost, high margin medium, and executives all over the world are turning to email marketing managers and their digital team in hopes that their email marketing program will propel the business…

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Email | Innovations | Summit


I am honored, excited and, to be honest, a little bit nervous about being tapped to chair the 2020 Email Innovations Summit in Las Vegas, a joint production from Rising Media and Only Influencers. Read on to learn more about my approach to programming the Summit, what you can expect when you attend, where to apply to speak at the event, and how you can…

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Smart Insights: 2020 Email Marketing Trends


2020 is just around the corner. Which trends will drive email marketing in the coming year? That’s the question that Smart Insights sets out to answer in this blog post, which I contributed to. The post lays out five big 2020 email marketing trends: The growing impact of mobile Minimalism in email design, especially when it comes to using less copy The increasing role of…

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Holiday Marketing Predictions: What to Expect This Year


Every holiday season is a little different because of a variety of factors, including technology trends, consumer sentiment, and the timing of the calendar. Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) Consulting’s experts share their thoughts and predictions on how this holiday marketing season will be different from past ones. Our predictions this …

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On Leaving the eec’s MAC…


It was with a heavy heart this morning that I resigned from the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) of the Email Experience Council (eec), and as chair of the eec’s membership and marketing sub-committee (M&M). I hope to continue as a member of the organization. I was a member of the MAC and chair of the M&M for over 3 years. I am proud of the…

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