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Data is still king for post-pandemic retail marketing


TL;DR: Here are the key retail marketing focus areas we heard at early 2022 events:   Succeeding in a cookie-less world to retain and engage customers long term  Growing importance of organizing and collecting first-party data to provide personalized omnichannel experiences  Increased need be responsive, offer convenience, and frictionless experiences to meet customer expectations 

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How to Know If Your Email Is Blocked


If your emails aren’t landing where they should, you might be wondering where you’ve gone wrong – or even if you’ve been blocked. However, chances are, you’re facing a deliverability issue, not a block. It’s a common misconception that landing in the spam folder indicates that an ISP or recipient has outright blocked you. In fact, whether you land in the inbox, spam, or elsewhere…

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Finding the Best Email Deliverability Tool for Your Business


Maybe you’ve noticed for the last several months, your engagement hasn’t been quite up to standard. Your first thought might be to check your delivery rate. It’s 99% — no worries there, right? Not quite – delivery rate isn’t the only metric to pay attention to, and it only tells you what was accepted, but not where it went. If you want to up your…

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A Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Often, you’ll hear affiliate marketing touted as a way to make money in your sleep. That’s because once the affiliate sets up a campaign, it can generate passive income for months and even years to come. For businesses, it’s a low-maintenance way to reach potential customers and increase sales.  That sounds like a win-win. But […] The post A Guide to Affiliate Marketing appeared first…

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5 Pre-Send Tips to Optimize Your Email Performance


The inbox is growing more crowded every day. For email marketing campaigns to be successful, they must stand out, provide value, and engage readers. This is where email optimization comes in. Pre-send optimization is one of the most effective ways to boost your email performance. But because it can be a complicated and time-consuming process, it is often overlooked by email marketers. Luckily, there are…

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ConvertKit’s February 2022 Deliverability Report


One of our values at ConvertKit is to work in public. We strive for transparency, which is why we share information that is typically kept private, such as our finances. One commonly asked question by creators looking for a new email marketing platform is, “How is your email deliverability?” Here is our monthly deliverability report to answer that question: If you missed previous Deliverability reports,…

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How creators can use Pay What You Want pricing to sell more products


To buy or not to buy, that is the question…the question we as consumers have to answer every day. And it’s not always an easy answer. Some days you might come across something you really want—like software to help your biz run smoothly—but it’s out of your price range. And instead of pulling the trigger, you reluctantly take the item out of your cart. As…

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What creators need to know about ever-changing spam filters


In the last few weeks, we’ve seen some adjustments in the deliverability world. For some senders, messages that normally go to the inbox were going to the spam folder, especially for their Gmail subscribers. Even when checking my own spam folder, I found emails from some of my favorite creators and businesses, all using a wide variety of ESPs (email service providers) to send their…

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