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How to Improve All 5 Steps of a Curbside Pickup


Driven by health concerns and health regulations restricting store capacities, curbside pickup has become a significant new fulfillment channel for retailers, restaurants, and other B2C brands. However, because of the sudden need for this channel, it was implemented and ramped up hastily, often with manual processes and temporary fixes that have led to some poor customer experiences. For example, I recently placed an order online…

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Email Marketing in the NormalNow: Canadian Marketing Association


Webinar: Nov. 17 • 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT • 60min Are we in the New Normal? The Next Normal? At Trendline Interactive, we’ve come up with our own description of the times we’re living through as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on: the NormalNow. It recognizes that what’s “normal” differs from person to […] The post Email Marketing in the NormalNow: Canadian Marketing…

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Top 4 takeaways from Season 1 of Deliverability Defined


In episode 20 of the Deliverability Defined podcast, Melissa and I discuss the 4 biggest takeaways from season 1. 4 top takeaways from the season We’ve made it through the inaugural season of Deliverability Defined! Since we’ve covered so many important deliverability topics over the course of this season, we wanted to bring you our top takeaways. If you do nothing else, these strategies will…

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This Week in Commerce: How The Bold Chick used ConvertKit Commerce to sellout their special offer on coaching sessions in 8 hours


As the ConvertKit Commerce beta launch continues, we're here for another installment of This Week in Commerce– your insider's peek into how creators like you are using the new tool and updates on what's coming next. How an online course creator used ConvertKit Commerce to sellout their special offer on coaching sessions The creator: Ramonica Plishett/The Bold Chick is a social media video marketing strategist who helps…

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Webinar on Oct. 27: Email Accessibility


The law requires companies to make their email messages accessible by people with visual and other disabilities or else face significant fines. However, rather than seeing this as purely a compliance issue, we see it as an opportunity to expand the reach and impact of your email marketing program, especially going into the holiday season. During this webinar, we’ll explain: What’s required by the Americans…

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The 4 lives of Heavyweight pro boxer Ed Latimore


Ed Latimore says that he’s lived exactly four lives (so far). His first life started in Pittsburgh. I was a typical at risk youth, born in public housing projects. Single mom. I knew my dad, but he didn't live with us. Young Ed with his father and sister. I had to deal with a lot of those things that people typically associate with that environment;…

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Discover How To Turn a Hobby Into a Successful Business


This is the dream of many aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, over 627,000 new businesses open each year in the United States alone. Maybe you’re one of those fortunate small business owners, or perhaps you are trying to figure out your own path from passion project, to start up, to Fortune 500. Okay, I may be getting a little ahead of myself with the Fortune 500,…

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5 Tips for Making Your Migration to a New MAP or ESP as Painless as Possible


You’ve done your research, vetted the solutions, decided on your vendor of choice and signed the contract. Now you have a new marketing automation platform (MAP) or email service provider (ESP) at your disposal. But here comes the difficult part: migrating to your new platform. Not to scare you, but anyone who’s gone through this once thinks twice before changing vendors. It takes time, effort, and…

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