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Improve Email Deliverability with Mailbox Provider Statistics from SendGrid


Not all mailbox providers are created alike when handling incoming email. They can vary in their internal architecture, filtering methods, third-party blocking implementations, volume constraints, and geographical policies. With all these factors, truly understanding how to monitor or improve the health of your email program requires insight into the sending statistics for each mailbox provider […] The post Improve Email Deliverability with Mailbox Provider Statistics

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How ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan changed these creators’ businesses (and how it will change yours)


There are a lot of things that make up a professional creator. They have a wide range of content types and offers. They know that consistent, dedicated, and strategic audience building is the way to go. They’re no stranger to experiments, and they’re often ready to launch things into the world before they’re fully complete. Full-time creators also consider email marketing an essential channel to

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As the market stabilizes, a crucial moment for DMOs


If 2021 was when Americans started traveling again, then 2022 has been the year they embraced their old travel habits with full fervor.  This year, after a long pandemic pause, Americans really leaned into the rebound that began in 2021. Travel spending in September reached its highest mark since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and tracked six percent higher

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What is Revenue Operations? The Complete Guide


Customers nowadays are better educated than ever. They expect fast, cross-channel, and personalized experiences from brands. Add in the boom of remote work and the emergence of new technology to facilitate that boom, and it’s clear that many old ways of generating revenue are now less impactful. Marketing, sales, finance, customer support, and other teams can no longer keep their work confined to their own

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Give back this holiday season with a Giving Tuesday campaign: a step-by-step roadmap for creators


Would you buy a glass of virtual lemonade? It won’t quench your thirst. In fact, you can’t even drink it. But that didn’t stop those who bought virtual lemonade from seven-year-old Morgan Marsh-McGlone. In the end, Morgan sold over $50,000 of her pretend lemonade. Like many seven-year-olds, Morgan dreamed of serving up ice-cold lemonade from her very own stand. However, it was 2020, and lemonade

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Test Your Above-the-Fold Wireframe to Improve Revenue (A Case Study)


Changes to your wireframe layout – especially when they appear at the top of the email in the before-your-recipients-scroll view – can have an impact on your performance. I’ve written about best practices for images in your email message – here’s an A/B split test that focuses on the best way to include an image with copy in your before-they-scroll view. As always, don’t just

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