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New Year’s Resolutions for Growth Marketers in 2022 


As marketers, we’re used to facing new challenges—but last year took the cake.  We fielded ongoing curveballs from COVID-19, dealt with the impacts of new industry forces like Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), and tried to meet ever-rising consumer expectations.  I’m excited to see what new challenges and opportunities 2022 brings. But starting the year without a concrete list of goals is a recipe for…

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Should Emails Expire? Yes and No


Most commercial email that’s sent is never deleted by recipients. Moreover, most commercial email content is only relevant for a fairly short period of time—say, weeks tops for the vast majority of it. As a consequence, mailbox providers currently store and maintain access to a tremendous amount of old and completely irrelevant email. That’s costly for them and an ecologically senseless use of electricity during…

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7 email automation templates to add to your coaching business


You educate and inspire your students, produce unique content, and plot new ways to change the world. But sometimes, even coaches could use a lending hand. Automating your marketing helps you multitask, but it’s understandable if your first impression is that it’ll feel impersonal. Setting up email automation to grow your coaching business is the definition of working smarter and helping people, though. Email automation…

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The future of email


If you could peek into a crystal ball and see the next 10 or 15 years of email evolution, what would it look like? Are the strategies you’re implementing ready for the future? Many say that in a world of ever-changing algorithms, email stays the same. While it’s never an exact science, the predictability and control senders have over their content certainly makes email an…

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Why every musician needs email marketing


Like using MIDI, ABBA, and 2000s pop stars, email marketing is cool again. You might have noticed that the past few years have been full of musical comebacks. MIDI made its way back to the mainstream after decades of being associated with elevator music, ABBA released a stellar comeback album, and Natasha Bedingfield has a hit on TikTok with her 2000s banger “Unwritten.” Let’s be…

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What Is a Valid Email? Our Guide To Telling Real From Fake


Just as “fake news” manages to infiltrate our media outlets, so can “fake” or invalid email addresses make it onto our mailing lists. These invalid email addresses can tank your deliverability and engagement rates and damage your sender reputation score. This can lead Mailbox Providers (MBPs) to flag you as a spammer––a risk that your campaign, and bottom line, likely can’t afford. But how can…

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On-Demand Webinar: Effective Testing & Optimization Across Digital Marketing Channels


Consumer behaviors, desires, and needs are changing faster than ever. Simply watching your analytics and listening to your customer service feedback isn’t enough, if it ever was. To stay aligned with your customers across all of your digital channels, having a robust testing program in place is critical. But how do you set up an effective testing program across your digital channels? How do you…

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Email List Scrubbing 101: How Useful Is It, and How Often to Do It


If you want to land in your recipients’ inboxes and stay in the good graces of ISPs, then you’ll need to prioritize the hygiene of your email lists. You can scan your lists all day, and maybe catch a misspelling or another issue that would render an email invalid. But what about the invalid emails that aren’t so obvious? Ensuring your lists are free of…

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7 Burning Questions about Email Unsubscribes


Brands work hard to build their email marketing lists, so they understandably want to minimize unsubscribes. However, lingering misconceptions about unsubscribes lead some brands to put the wrong tactics in place. So, in an effort to reduce unsubscribes, some brands actually end up increasing list churn or hurting their deliverability, or both. Here are seven questions that you or your boss might have about unsubscribes…

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How Email Pinging Works, And How It Can Help Your Business


If you’ve ever had an email bounce back to your inbox as undeliverable, you may have wondered what went wrong. Unfortunately, when this happens, the email was likely invalid. Not only will such a bounce negatively affect the deliverability of your campaign, and your ability to engage with customers, but it can also tarnish your sender reputation. That’s bad news for your bottom line. The…

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