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5 Ways AI Can Take Your Emails to the Next Level 


Now that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming mainstream, there are more and more opportunities for senders to improve their email programs and better engage with customers.  However, few email marketers fully understand how AI works or how the technology can improve their campaigns.  As a marketer, your goal is to find the best ways to reach your audience. But with so many new…

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Top Ways AI is Changing CRM


Artificial intelligence (AI) was once the stuff of science fiction. Now, it’s quickly becoming essential to our everyday lives.  Taken an Uber lately? The app’s handy estimated wait times and cost projections are fueled by machine learning, a subset of AI.   Or maybe you spent the past weekend binging Netflix. AI fuels those helpful personalized recommendations (and helps you avoid rewatching the same episode of…

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