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BIMI & VMC Mailbox Provider Support


BIMI: Mailbox Provider Support - Which ones require VMC, which ones don’t, and more! Logos in email make great impressions visually for a brand, but also improve the UI experience for end users. And those are just a couple reasons why logos in email are in demand from marketers, but also MUA (mail user agent) interfaces. However, logos in email don’t just magically appear, work

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Preparing for BIMI Support in Apple


Apple’s new BIMI support changes everything, but they need the other mailbox providers to play ball. Here’s how they’ll be able to work together to do that. Not everyone has iCloud accounts so you may not have noticed the new(ish) header: Authentication-Results: bimi.icloud.com; bimi=skipped reason=“insufficient dmarc” Knowing Apple was moving to support BIMI this fall, this header was likely tied to that. Then Spam Resource

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BIMI support coming to Apple OS/iOS16 this FALL!


NEWS BREAK! Have you heard the BIMI news yet?! No?! Well, it was subtle, but the infographic on the BIMI Group's website detailing out the participaing providers had a little change in the last couple of days. What was once three providers supporting BIMI is now 4! And guess who it is? Apple! Coming this fall (2022), MacOS/iOS16 will rollout their support for BIMI! Details

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