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How to Find an Email Service Provider For Your Business


Purchasing a new email service provider is not a decision to be taken lightly. Email is one of the most reliable ways to communicate with your customers and implementing new software is a time-consuming and costly endeavor, so you’ll want to ensure you pick the right solution for your business the first time around. When […] The post How to Find an Email Service Provider…

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Apple MPP reporting and geolocation


A while back I wrote about Apple Mail Privacy Protection, what it does and how it works. Since MPP was first announced I’d assumed that it would be built on the same infrastructure as iCloud Private Relay, Apple’s VPN product, but hadn’t seen anything from Apple to explicitly connect the two and didn’t have access to enough data to confirm it independently. But the nice…

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Finding Flexibility in Deliverability


Picking out a pair of shoes shouldn’t be difficult, but sometimes it is. Why? Because there are tons of options. And not every shoe works for every occasion. Choosing a deliverability strategy can feel the same way. In most scenarios, that trusty pair of running sneaks works perfectly, but sometimes you need a good pair of hiking boots to climb out of the trenches. And…

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The Key to Customer Engagement? Email and SMS


Email is usually one of the first channels companies adopt to communicate with their customers. It’s a reliable, effective, and secure way to share both transactional and marketing messages. But, the average individual only checks their personal email just two hours a day, which means they might miss out on time-sensitive offers and messages from […] The post The Key to Customer Engagement? Email and…

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