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Blocklists You Can’t Ignore During Peak


Email Deliverability Unfiltered Seeing your IP or domain on a blocklist during peak sending season can be unnerving. This is because being listed is often equated to deliverability issues like spam folder placement (nightmare fuel for email marketers!). While this can be true, it is not always the case. Scrambling to get off a blocklist during the holidays is stressful and can easily send you

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The Spamhaus Informational Listing Spree


Oh my! Spamhaus went on a listing spree! But why? Three words. Verbatim. From Spamhaus. “Poor. Sending. Practices.” It seems so simple that this is the answer, but it is. So what are poor sending practices? When it comes to Spamhaus, the majority of sending practices that will get legitimate senders listed revolve around the ‘how’ email is sent and the ‘who’ email is sent

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There is a lot more to say here, and I’m working on a longer post to really talk about the underlying racism in tech and how we as an industry have failed. In the deliverability space, specifically, the use of blacklist/whitelist is terminology rooted in racism (black is bad, white is good). Many DNSBLs use the block terminology and have done for a while. But…

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