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How these 5 creators use newsletter referrals to grow their business


Your newsletter is the gateway to growing your creator business. As your subscriber count grows, you can make more money from your paid newsletter, charge sponsors, and sell a higher number of your products or services. But as a solopreneur, it’s challenging to grow your newsletter and run the rest of the show. You only have so much time in the day. That’s where newsletter

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The 5 types of public relations for creators + how to implement them


Edward Bernays knew exactly what he was doing when he hired ten women to light up their cigarettes during the 1929 Easter Parade in New York. Back then, it was uncommon for women to smoke, so when these women lit up, women all over America saw it as an act of liberation. And they wanted in. Tobacco sales rose. Women felt empowered smoking in public.

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How to create a landing page in the next 10 minutes


Creating landing pages is the digital equivalent of flipping your “open” sign on. The moment you launch, you’ve opened the door for people to come in and have a look around. These standalone pages are essential for creators since they’re where you’ll gain new email subscribers. Just because they’re important doesn’t mean they should take a long time to create, though. In fact, we have

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The notifications you’ve been waiting for


Picture this moment: You’ve just set up ConvertKit as your marketing hub, capturing new leads with landing pages, sending emails to your subscribers, and selling a new product. You’re so excited about how each marketing piece is working for you that you keep checking your ConvertKit account to check on any progress. While we love for you to log in to the ConvertKit platform, we

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How to scale your email marketing with tag management


How would you feel if a brand kept popping in your inbox with information about events outside your country? Or what if a creator kept trying to sell you an ebook you’d already bought from them? You’d probably end up feeling spammed at best and frustrated at worst. This is why you need to segment your email marketing. Email segmentation and personalization make customers feel

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Creator collaborations: the what, why, and how + examples to inspire you


The journey of a professional creator can be lonely and exhausting. You rely on social media to reach your followers and attract new ones. You count on SEO to give you an organic search boost. You build lead magnets and send newsletters to nurture your subscribers. And you do all of it on your own. But thanks to creator collaborations, it doesn’t have to be

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Preparing for the end of third-party cookies as a creator


There are two types of creators. Those who anxiously search everything they can about the death of third-party cookies. And those who aren’t quite sure what third-party cookies are and why they matter in the first place. Whichever camp you’re in, one thing’s certain: you can’t ignore the death of third-party cookies, and eventually, your marketing strategy will need to shift (and that’s not a

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How to create, send, and use surveys to grow your creator business


Real talk: intuition is not a solid business strategy. While there is something to be said about creative instinct and passion, you alone can’t steer your business ship into the harbor of success. Getting input from your audience is an invaluable gauge of where you’ve been and where you need to go next. Surveys are a great way to learn from your audience, and this…

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How to find partnerships that scale your creator business


Your creator business doesn’t have to live in a silo. It doesn’t have to be you against the algorithm. With partnerships and collaborations, you can grow your following, sell more products, and create new revenue streams. Brett Larkin, yoga teacher and creator of Uplifted Yoga, figured out the power of partnerships early on. “Working in a niche industry like yoga can be challenging when it…

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How email automations gives food bloggers the perfect blend of growth and personalization


Email automation is to content creators what mise en place is to chefs. Both help you work more efficiently. And both benefit food bloggers. When chefs use mise en place, they prep and portion ingredients so that the actual cooking or baking runs seamlessly. Similarly, email automation is a strategy to create marketing before you need it and set it to send at just the…

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Ready to quit Instagram? Here’s how to approach it.


We’re all tired of algorithms that don’t make sense. At the beginning of 2022, popular lifestyle influencer Jess Ann Kirby went public to her 137,000 followers about taking a break from Instagram. “Without even thinking about it, I was so mindless,” she wrote on her blog. “I kept asking myself, ‘If Instagram wasn’t responsible for a large part of my financial livelihood, would I still…

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Referral rewards that motivate subscribers to grow your list for you


The easiest way to grow your email list is hidden in plain sight: get subscribers to do the work for you. Referral reward programs—where you reward subscribers for referring people to your newsletter—make it simple for creators to scale their lists, reach more people, and make more sales. Take Brennan Dunn of Create & Sell, who boosted his list growth by 9.9% through his referral…

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The secret to faster newsletter growth? It’s already in your list


You’re doing everything you know to grow your email list and make your business more profitable. And it’s working! But it’s beginning to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to put in more work to gain subscribers. The problem is there’s only one of you. You can advocate all you want for your content, but your reach might be limited. That is,…

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The 6 questions to answer before writing your Twitter threads


Tell me if this sounds familiar: you read a Twitter thread from somebody that made you think, “Wow, that was really good.” Your creative mind immediately sparked an idea. What if you wrote threads too? Could you grow your Twitter following? Break down long videos and articles into bite-sized tweets? Promote your products through strategically written threads? The answer is yes, to all the above.…

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How Elizabeth McCravy made over $60k in sales with a personality quiz


Disclosure: This case study mentions Interact. Interact is an integration partner with ConvertKit. Who else remembers taking Seventeen magazine quizzes with your best friends? Talk about nostalgia. Looking back, you might gawk at how cheesy these quizzes were. “What’s your perfect pet?” quiz. Image via Pinterest.But the reality is, personality tests have come a long way. Quizzes aren’t just for finding out your perfect pet.…

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9 creative newsletter promotion ideas to beat your subscriber goals in 2021


Here’s a fun fact: The number of email users worldwide passed 4.03 billion people in 2021. Yes, billion—more than half the world population. And even though some social networks are growing at a pedal-to-the-floor pace, the truth is: email is still the best way to distribute content to your audience. However, earning your spot in an already crowded inbox is no easy task. If you’re…

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25+ direct-to-fan marketing tools for indie musicians


As a former singer myself, I know firsthand how easy it is to get absorbed into your music and put things like marketing on the backburner. “I’ll deal with it later”, you say… “I’m a musician, not a marketer.” But I’m here to tell you that music and marketing aren’t mutually exclusive—you can be good at both! And if you want a thriving career as…

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25 captivating call to action examples to 2x your list growth (and why they work)


If you want to succeed as a creator, you need an email list full of people who can’t wait to hear from you. To get there, you need call-to-actions that will turn a landing page visitor into an email subscriber. The challenge? CTAs are so important they can become intimidating. Instead of making your CTA pop, you go with a generic one, like a simple…

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Why online communities are the future for creators


From the very first “electronic bulletin board” at the Community Memory Project in Berkeley, California to Facebook groups for everything from fans of hit show The Office to aspiring novelists, online communities are everywhere. More than any other channel, online communities let creators build a global audience without losing the sense of belonging. That’s why Sid Yadav co-founded Circle, an online community platform, in 2019.…

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