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How Daren Smith grew his $85,000+ business with under 10 hours per week with ConvertKit


Daren Smith is the person behind Craftsman Creative, a hub of resources for creators who want to build a six-figure business. Creators can dive into blog posts, a free email course, a newsletter, podcast episodes, a book, and a paid community to learn from Daren about the mindset, principles, and strategies that will help them reach their goals. Daren also partners with other creators to

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Content vs. Physical Goods vs. Both with Mandi Gubler


Mandi Gubler, creator of Happy Happy Houseplant and Vintage Revivals, is no stranger to creating content for an online audience. In 2010, Mandi Gubler started her first blog, Vintage Revivals, when blogging was in its hay day. In the decade since, she has seen success in her blogging business, primarily through consistently creating content. However, with her newer brand, Happy Happy Houseplant, Mandi was able

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The summer slump: 8 ways to navigate your business during seasonal lows


People are trading in business suits for swimsuits and browser tabs for bar tabs. It can only mean one thing: summer is here and people are unplugging for the foreseeable future. Most people rejoice when summer rolls around. But as a creator, you might have mixed feelings… Happy to finally get some time off. Anxious that sales are low. Excited for summer to end and

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The 9 types of creators and the tools they use to scale their business


Writers, teachers, filmmakers, artists… different types of creators have been around for longer than any of us can remember. Creator economy, however, is quite new. The term only became widely used in late 2020. The online tools we can access today to publish articles and videos, build communities, and sell digital products have democratized the world of creation. Getting your work and talent in front

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How to create an airtight contract for your creator business


Imagine this: you’ve been creating stellar YouTube content for the past two years. You open your email and see you’ve received a collaboration proposal from a well-known brand. You’re excited, and after reading their proposal, you get on a call and enter into a verbal agreement around deliverables and pricing. You do your part, but when you follow up with them for your payment—radio silence.

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Making six figures with one high-ticket offer


Being a creator means freedom, flexibility, earning good money, and shaping your life the way you want. But, it’s not all rainbows. Most creators start with the aim of selling high unit volumes of low-ticket offers. But, this is only sustainable for building an audience in the initial stages. It’s not enough to scale. Add to that the fact that low-ticket offers require regular updates

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Want to scale your creator business? Retention, not acquisition, might be the key


Doubling 100 subscribers is doable. Doubling 10,000 is daunting. As your creator business matures, it won’t be sustainable to grow your audience at the same rate you used to. That doesn’t mean you have to accept your new plateau and abandon your goals. Instead, you can turn your attention to customer retention and make the most of each customer relationship. This guide will review why

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How to join the creator economy middle class


Media and attention tend to flow to extremes—overnight millionaires or the archetype of the starving artist. Just because the creator economy middle class doesn’t get all the glory doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for it. If you want to turn your creator business into a multi-million dollar enterprise, we’ll be there to cheer you on. You don’t have

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The building blocks of professional creators


Ready to become a professional creator? You’ve put the time into creating content that makes people value your brand and building an audience (even if it’s only a few hundred people!). Now, it’s time to turn your side hustle or hobbyist creating into a full-time, profitable business. If you have any doubts about becoming a professional creator, it might soothe your nerves to know that

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How to maximize your impact as a creator with plug-and-play formulas


You’re a creator that has so much to share with the world and earn a good living doing it—but finding the exact way to do so is often really hard. Authors, food bloggers, podcasters, finance coaches, yoga teachers and all the other types of creators have to show up regularly and create value for the people in their audience. But, with dozens of content formats…

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How creators launch successful 6-figure memberships


Building a membership into your creator business can be a lucrative add-on to help you grow and scale. With memberships, you get access to recurring revenue (unlike selling products one time). That’s what makes memberships such a great business model for creators—they can encourage predictability in your business that, let’s be honest, sometimes feels like it’s built on water. Ride the waves of your creator…

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Six ways creators are monetizing beyond content creation


Opportunity cost is notoriously difficult to nail down. The problem is that missed opportunities are invisible: you don’t see what you’re missing until you’ve set up systems to tap it. No one ever knocks on your door, hands you a check, and says, “Here you go! Here’s the money you should have been earning for the past five years.” Yet if you’re a creator with…

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Why online communities are the future for creators


From the very first “electronic bulletin board” at the Community Memory Project in Berkeley, California to Facebook groups for everything from fans of hit show The Office to aspiring novelists, online communities are everywhere. More than any other channel, online communities let creators build a global audience without losing the sense of belonging. That’s why Sid Yadav co-founded Circle, an online community platform, in 2019.…

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Feeling Like a Fraud? 5 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome


As soon as I sat down to write this article, a little voice popped in my head: What do you know about helping others combat Imposter Syndrome? Isn’t this a psychological phenomenon? You’re not a therapist. You coach others dealing with their marketing and their businesses, not their minds. I have given speeches in front of thousands of people, contributed to major publications, launched an…

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