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Case Study: How many products does it take to optimize revenue?


How many products should you include in an email to optimize revenue? As marketers, we have to balance the number of products we present to potential customers. Too few and you may lose sales because there aren’t enough options; too many and you may lose sales due to analysis paralysis. This is a test I do a lot with clients sending multi-product emails. We work

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Holiday Prep: Best Day to Send Email (A/B Split Test)


I always get a laugh out of research promising to reveal the ‘best day to send email.’ Because, think about it… if the research says ‘Thursday at 3:00 PM ET’ is the best day/time to send, and everyone started sending at 3:00 PM ET on Thursdays, then the best time to send would be any time but that. Because at 3:00 PM ET on Thursdays

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43% increase in revenue with a holiday campaign! Here’s how we did it…


I’m not a big fan of subject line tests for a couple reasons. They’re overused and many don’t have a good chance of success because they lack a sound hypothesis. If I undertake a subject line test with a client I’m going to do it strategically, to give us our best chance at a significant lift in bottom-line performance. That’s what we did for an

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How Marie Poulin uses ConvertKit to manage her $40K/month course business


Marie Poulin is a Notion pro. She teaches business owners to design their life and business systems to match their unique lifestyles. Notion Mastery, her flagship course, counts more than 2,100 students. The course and Notion templates she sells generate around $40,000 per month. Marie’s free, organic content—blog posts, YouTube videos and tutorials, webinars, podcast interviews—draws people into her online world, which now counts over

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Proof that Click-through Rate is NOT a Good KPI


“We don’t have tracking set up for revenue or conversions. We just look at opens and clicks. Because the email with the highest click rate probably has the highest conversion rate as well, right?” As an email marketing consultant and trainer, I hear this a lot. I get it. It takes time, budget, and resources to integrate Google Analytics or another platform that’s measuring your

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Case Study: Strategic Resend, 25% More Revenue


I was thrilled on a recent Only-Influencers-Members-Only discussion (you should join! Reach out to me to learn more) when another member said that she had tried my ‘strategic resend’ tactic. It worked so well, she said, that it’s now standard operating procedure for her email program. I’ve written about it before in general terms, but I thought a client case study might help further illustrate

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Case Study: 21% More Revenue and Analysis Paralysis


Have you heard of ‘analysis paralysis?’ Here’s a definition from Wikipedia: “Analysis paralysis (or paralysis by analysis) describes an individual or group process where overanalyzing or overthinking a situation can cause forward motion or decision-making to become “paralyzed,” meaning that no solution or course of action is decided upon within a nature time frame… An overload of options can overwhelm the situation and cause this

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How Daren Smith grew his $85,000+ business with under 10 hours per week with ConvertKit


Daren Smith is the person behind Craftsman Creative, a hub of resources for creators who want to build a six-figure business. Creators can dive into blog posts, a free email course, a newsletter, podcast episodes, a book, and a paid community to learn from Daren about the mindset, principles, and strategies that will help them reach their goals. Daren also partners with other creators to

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How Maurizio Leo switched from Mailchimp to connect deeper with his 81K+ subscribers and drive more revenue


Food and email have an unlikely shared benefit: connection with others. Maurizio Leo grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, surrounded by food and family. “My family’s from Italy and we have an Italian restaurant here. The stereotype of making pasta with my grandma in the kitchen is true for me,” he tells me. “​​I've always had this appreciation for food,” Maurizio shares. As a software

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What happens when you migrate 14,000 subscribers from Mailchimp to ConvertKit? Better results with less work. Here’s why.


Chris Ferdinandi teaches JavaScript to early-career web developers and designers who want to transition into code. He does this through free emails five times a week, as well as paid resources like ebooks, courses, and workshops under the Go Make Things umbrella. Chris’ daily emails go out to more than 14,000 subscribers. The kicker? After a decade of running his email list on Mailchimp, he

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How these food bloggers build an engaged email list with ConvertKit


Which is better, an email list of 50,000 or an email list of 5,000? Anyone would pick 50,000 subscribers over 5,000. But that number is only as good as the engagement you receive. If that 50,000-person list doesn’t see many opens or clicks…then it’s probably time to evaluate your email marketing program. That’s exactly why registered dietitian and entrepreneur Jessica Beacom and her team at…

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Case Study: Subject Line Change Increases Revenue by 9%


It’s always fun to experience, and write about, big wins, like a 918% increase in revenue, or a 350% boost in list growth, or a 100% increase in site traffic. It would nice if every test delivered that, but that’s not the case. Here’s the thing: if you can earn a lift of 10% on every test and apply each learning before you do your

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A step-by-step guide to growing your email list, from a creator with 25,000 subscribers


Product designer Femke van Schoonhoven does a little bit of everything. Over the past five years, she’s been the definition of “side hustle,” building a thriving online community of fellow designers through podcasting, online courses, 1:1 coaching, and a paid online community…all while juggling a full-time job. Graphic designer Femke van Schoonhoven has built a thriving online community of 25,000 designers over the past five…

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How writer Chris Craft uses ConvertKit to build his weekly newsletter


Your weekly newsletter is a staple for your marketing efforts. But how many weeks do you sit down, stare at a blank document, and wonder what to say? Coming up with a consistent cadence of content week after week can feel daunting, to say the least. That’s exactly what writer and musician Chris Craft hopes to help with through InspireFirst, his website and blog dedicated…

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Leveraging the Email Marketing Funnel to Boost Your Bottom-line Performance


One of the things I love most about email marketing is all the data. It’s so trackable; you can see how recipients are engaging with your messages at each step of the email marketing funnel. Here’s the thing; there’s so much data that it’s easy to get lost in it. It’s rare that my clients don’t have access to the data they need to analyze

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How sponsorship coach Justin Moore had a $40K course launch with ConvertKit


Justin Moore is on a mission: help creators big and small land a million sponsorships by 2032. It’s a bold goal, but not an impossible one. Justin has been a full-time creator with his wife for a decade, with 1.5 million followers across all platforms. He’s run an influencer marketing agency for six years. In other words, he has deep insights on both sides of…

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How this creator grew his email list to 1000+ subscribers after switching from Substack to ConvertKit


From one single idea, Creator Dylan Redekop started his entrepreneurship-focused newsletter, Growth Currency. “I didn’t have a brand or anything,” he says. “I wanted to start writing online and sharing what I knew, things like tools, products, and resources to help other creators like me on a similar path, so I started a Substack newsletter.” Since January 2021, he’s published a weekly, editorial-driven newsletter focused…

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Case Study: More Product Blocks, Less Revenue


Back in 2020, I was consulting for a B2B client with an enormous number of products. Their buyers are buying in bulk; they don’t buy one of an item, they buy 100 or 1,000 of an item. We did a series of A/B split tests, with different email templates, to find the ‘sweet spot’ – the perfect number of products to include in each email

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How this graphic designer used ConvertKit landing pages to generate 1800+ subscribers


When graphic designer Kelsey Baldwin first launched her business, she had no idea it would become a full-time career. She launched her flagship course, The InDesign Field Guide, in 2015, hoping maybe a few people would sign up. The reality? Kelsey made $18,000 in the initial launch, all through her email list. Kelsey Baldwin, owner of Paper and Oats, quit freelancing to become a creative…

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How artist Shelby Abrahamsen built an email list with 60,000+ subscribers using lead magnets and automations


Being creative as an adult is hard. It feels like an indulgence, or that it’s difficult to squeeze into grown-up responsibilities. This is what Shelby Abrahamsen saw in many adults—and herself. She thought that finding the key to productivity would lead to having enough time for creativity. But Abrahamsen gradually discovered that planning and creativity go hand in hand and that when planning is fun,…

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