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How Daphnee Lagredelle brought $100,000+ of revenue into her coaching business with ConvertKit


Daphnee Lagredelle is a business coach for women from the African diaspora who want to start and grow their online business. She’s from Haiti, as are most of her clients. Moving there, she found it hard to navigate the business world, both due to the lack of information as well as the language barrier. She was able to go to school, and get degrees in

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7 email automation templates to add to your coaching business


You educate and inspire your students, produce unique content, and plot new ways to change the world. But sometimes, even coaches could use a lending hand. Automating your marketing helps you multitask, but it’s understandable if your first impression is that it’ll feel impersonal. Setting up email automation to grow your coaching business is the definition of working smarter and helping people, though. Email automation…

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How to automate your coaching business in 5 easy ways


Running a successful coaching business means you have a lot of plates to keep spinning. You’re busy running coaching sessions, onboarding new clients, creating new programs, managing social media…the list is endless! And even though coaching is a fantastic business model, you’ll burn out if you’re always trading time for money. But what if you’ve already outsourced what you can and your rates are already…

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Feeling Like a Fraud? 5 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome


As soon as I sat down to write this article, a little voice popped in my head: What do you know about helping others combat Imposter Syndrome? Isn’t this a psychological phenomenon? You’re not a therapist. You coach others dealing with their marketing and their businesses, not their minds. I have given speeches in front of thousands of people, contributed to major publications, launched an…

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