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Storytelling isn’t child’s play—it’s your best tool to connect, engage and persuade


We know that the best tool for marketers to persuade consumers to buy their products never changes: solid storytelling. Whether you’re selling a coffee maker, a golf club or an actual rocket ship, the key is knowing how to tell your story, in a way that will resonate with your audience at the right time. Sounds easy, right? With today’s fragmented data and tech stacks

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Most retail media spend still belongs to Amazon. What can we do about it?


Amazon's on-site ads business, in which brands pay the online shopping behemoth to have their products spotlighted, was a masterstroke when it debuted a decade ago. Amazon's website already excelled at sales, and now the ads business folded in an entirely new revenue stream as brands paid for access to coveted audiences—just like they had long bought ads on TV, radio, and media websites.  It

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With credit cards on a rebound, financial services brands want their share of card transactions


For the past several years, consumers have felt the impact of economic peaks and valleys. From record-low prices and stimulus money to rapidly increasing inflation, it's been hard for consumers to keep up.

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“The Rehearsal” and Epsilon’s approach to personalization

“the-rehearsal” and-epsilon’s-approach-to-personalization

Nathan Fielder’s critically acclaimed HBO show, “The Rehearsal,” has been met with overall positive reviews albeit some confusion as viewers struggle to deconstruct the part social experiment, part comedic genius, part manipulative jerk narrative that has created quite the discourse. Some have even dubbed it a comedic Rorschach test—more commonly known as the inkblot test.  The Nathan Fielder method, unveiled in Episode 4 of the

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With a recession looming, brands reconsider their approach to marketing


For the past several weeks, U.S. consumers have faced an onslaught of financial woes: Inflation is on the rise, interest rates are sky high and the stock market continues to decline. This tumultuous economic climate has many fearing the U.S. is facing another recession. And it has caused many CPG brands to reconsider their marketing strategy on the heels of huge pandemic gains.

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There’s nothing strange about the data-powered success of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’


The second volume of the fourth season of Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” touched down on July 1, and it was a smash hit. According to Netflix's internal metrics, the show just became only the second Netflix series ever to cross 1 billion hours viewed within its first 28 days of availability, and the premiere of Season 4 (Volume One) set the record for Netflix’s

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Apple announces BIMI support


A new iOS update brings Apple in line with other mail applications and puts extra pressure on brands to get their BIMI in order. Just as email marketers are starting to get the hang of the Apple's iOS15 update that dared users to opt-out of Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), they announce iOS16, which creates another new challenge for marketers to respond to: Brand Indicators for

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Whose ID reigns supreme? Digiday assesses the top 10 ID alternatives


Without third-party identifiers (like cookies), we've all come to recognize that connected identity is the current and future backbone of digital marketing. But in a landscape with many players (some old, some new) and technology (also some old, some new), how do you know who has the best identity solution?   Digiday stepped in to help. In a new Digiday+ research piece, “A guide to the

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For financial marketers, rising inflation signals doubling down on digital strategies


Consumer prices in the U.S. have posted their biggest annual gain since 1981, primarily driven by spikes in the cost of gasoline and other goods. Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by 0.50% in an effort to slow inflationary pressures currently gripping the U.S.

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