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Adapting to Change: Adjusting Your Email Strategy To Changing Times


No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts As the world faces a global pandemic and so many people, brands and industries are facing financial uncertainty, email marketing and connecting with your subscribers are more important than ever. Even if your industry has gone unscathed, it's not business as usual for anybody — unless you want to come across as insincere or tone-deaf. The companies that are…

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React, Respond, Redirect: Waves of CoronaVirus Emails


I’ve been watching my own inbox and advising my clients on how to message via email to their subscribers in this difficult situation. I have seen three ‘waves’ of communications since this pandemic came to the forefront. Which wave is your company in? When will you move to the next? The three waves I’ve seen are: React: this is happening, oh sh*t!Respond: this could be…

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