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Giving yourself permission


Angela’s watercolor paints kept disappearing and she couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until she saw, well, “pastel-colored cockroach turds on the floor” that she realized cockroaches were eating her paint – just another symptom of life in the jungle. Angela grew up in Papua New Guinea with missionary parents who were from a small town in British Columbia, Canada. The jungle, even with the…

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Getting comfortable with instability


When Nina Garcia found out she was expecting her first child she bought all the books and signed up for all the classes. But, as she remembers it, “there's a difference between knowing it in your head and actually experiencing it.” She went into labor in the middle of the night, and from that moment on nothing was quite like what she’d expected. No matter…

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Fireproof Optimism


Eric doesn't usually create in the early morning; his best work typically happens at night. But on this particular morning, he got up earlier than usual to paint a sign for his friend’s tattoo shop. He opened all the windows of his second-floor apartment that day. He smelled something weird, but brushed it off. This was New York, after all. Things smelled weird sometimes. “If…

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“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”


A story about risk, bravery, and finding the beautiful side of failure. Photography by Rachel at Greenhouse Photo. It happened at 3:00AM. Chaitra Radhakrishna called her boyfriend, waking him up, euphoric: “I think I know what I want to do in my life.” It all started with beauty bloggers, her first “friends” after leaving her home of Bangalore, India to move to the US for…

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“It was good to feel embarrassed.”


How embarrassment gave motion designer Austin Saylor the motivation and courage to overcome procrastination and perfectionism. Photography by Keith Pitts It was the middle of the night, and Austin shot up out of bed – someone was banging on the door in the nearby apartment breezeway. His wife Rachel bolted upright and asked, “Did you hear that?” They listened closely. Someone was shouting. “Get out!…

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Do it yourself; own your story, own your power, and speak your truth.


A story about blazing trails, paying it forward, and going for your dreams even when you’re down to your last $10. Photography By Henry Thong. To Gloria Atanmo, “Travel was a rich kid’s hobby” – it wasn’t something she ever envisioned herself doing. In college, she traveled only locally for basketball and tennis as a double collegiate athlete at Baker University in Kansas. The athletics…

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“I think if you have an artist inside you, you know it.”


A story of becoming an artist, embracing the digital, and seeing every technological shift as an opportunity to communicate the things that never change. Photography by Isadora Kosofsky. Kimberly Brooks says she likes my outfit – dark high-waisted jeans, a Taylor Swift-Stella McCartney T-shirt with a kitten on the front, black wedge sneakers, and a red-striped blazer. On any day, from anyone, a compliment like…

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“Because they believed in me I believed in myself.”


How Courtland Allen didn’t let five years of failure or burnout stop him from pursuing his dream. Photography by Kati at Xilo Photography. Disclosure: The story below mentions Stripe; ConvertKit is a paying customer of Stripe. When Courtland Allen was a kid, computers were his playground – literally. His mom owned a company that sold computer hardware during the 90’s dot-com boom and Courtland and…

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“You saved my goats’ lives.”


A story about dying goats, diving in when you have no idea what you’re doing, and why no niche is too small if it’s helping someone else. Photography by Jessica Worland. The goats were dying. And Deborah had no idea why. She was heartbroken every time she stepped out for a morning feeding on her homestead – 32 acres “in the middle of nowhere” in…

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“I want them to know I was here.”


A story about chronic illness, trauma, and a conference that changed everything. Photography by Rachel Renee Photographie Co. I’m freezing. I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring a warmer jacket to the Oregon coast in October. I blame it on my having only ever lived in sunny places – Florida and California. But now I’m on the beach in Florence, Oregon, getting pelted…

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