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Sell more digital products with these 3 advanced pricing strategies


You don’t need to spend your life savings on your business idea. Less than $100 per month is enough to turn your digital business into a full-time income. That makes digital products the ideal choice for writers, coaches, and consultants looking to build a sustainable business. Digital products can be sold for $100 thousands of times, but cost less than a few hundred dollars a…

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How to create a timeline for a successful product launch


Posting a link to your social channels and crossing your fingers that sales pour in is not the product launch you deserve. After all the work you put into creating your incredible product, you need a proper marketing plan. Enter our product launch timeline. We’ll teach you how to launch your product to get more customers and sales, even if you don’t have a big…

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Why you should sell your ebook on your own website


There’s a critical step between “I’ve created an ebook” and “I made a sale!” You have to decide where to sell it. There are plenty of options for selling an ebook, including Amazon Kindle Publishing, Gumroad, and NOOK Press. We think one spot rises above the rest, though—your own website. If you already have a site set up, adding an ecommerce tool to help you…

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Should writers sell more than one product?


Casey Newton has been a reporter and writer for 20 years, and he jumped ship from traditional media last year. It wasn’t an overnight decision. In fact, the paid newsletter platform Substack approached him in 2019 to join their ranks. He was a writer at The Verge at the time and decided to stick with his position. Then 2020 happened. Casey shared with OneZero that…

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How to repurpose your blog posts into an ebook you can sell


You’ve already created a successful ebook. You just might not know it yet. If you’ve ever written a popular blog post that engaged readers, you have material. You have the nuts and bolts of writing and content creation down. You even have an audience, and better yet: you know what your audience responds to. The problem comes when you imagine sitting down and creating an…

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6 insider secrets for creating and selling fonts online


Jump ahead It’s easy for anyone to create and sell fonts online 6 secrets to creating and selling fonts online How to set up fonts in your ConvertKit Commerce store Teela Cunningham spent every day as a graphic designer at an agency wondering if her days as an artist were numbered. With a creative director that constantly rejected her designs, she felt squeezed in both…

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3 steps to create exceptional ebook covers on a budget


Jump ahead What’s better: hiring a designer or DIY? How to make an ebook cover in three easy steps Sell your ebook (and make money) You’ve spent months (maybe even years) dreaming up and creating an ebook, and you’re almost ready to sell it! You can’t wait for those dollars to hit your bank from your new digital product. But you’re missing something crucial before…

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Customer onboarding for digital products: The what, why, and how


Jump ahead What is onboarding, and why is it so important? 7 tips on how to create a great onboarding experience for digital products + examples Step by step guide: How to leverage email in customer onboarding for digital products Have you ever bought something that needed to be assembled and discovered there were no instructions included in the box? Not only is it frustrating,…

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4 essential email marketing automation examples to sell more digital products


Jump ahead What is email automation? How email automation helps sell digital products The 4 email automation types your need to sell digital products Successful email automation examples How to create email automations in ConvertKit Start building your digital product empire with email automations Somewhere along every creative entrepreneur’s journey, there comes a point when trading your time for money no longer feels sustainable. It’s…

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6 ebook marketing ideas guaranteed to grow sales


Jump ahead Why you should focus on building your email list Build a hyper-interested email list with a specific lead magnet Pre-sell your ebook Show what’s inside with a table of contents Use automated email sequences Add and promote extra ebook formats and additional resources Build and nurture a dedicated social following Create an ebook marketing plan you can rely on   You have an…

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Why you shouldn’t sell your ebook on Amazon


Jump ahead Why you shouldn’t sell your ebook on Amazon How ConvertKit helps you sell your ebook How to upload your ebook in ConvertKit Commerce You’ve finished your book, and now it’s time to share it with the world. The hard part — the writing — is over, right? But for authors Alex Hillman and Ryan Law, the frustrations were only beginning. It seemed like…

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60+ unique digital product ideas for every niche


Jump ahead Digital product ideas to sell online Photography and videography Educational resources Templates Design Recordings Tech What digital product will you sell?   Picture this: you wake up in the morning and have a million items to check off your to-do list. Client work, content creation, product development, accounting, inbox management…you get the idea. If you’re like most creators, the above situation isn’t difficult…

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15 High-demand ecommerce product ideas to sell online in 2021


Creating a best selling product in your ecommerce store doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Maybe you’ve been wanting to dip your toes into the world of ecommerce business for a while, but you aren’t sure where you should start. Perhaps you've tried a few different ideas, but none of them have taken off in the way you'd hoped. Maybe you have a million…

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