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The Microsoft Conundrum – Part 1


The Microsoft Conundrum - 2 Part Series > Part 1: Domain Reputation and Email Authentication: More than a best practice Part 2: Other Important Tidbits about Sending to Microsoft: 6 factors that can impact your deliverability Microsoft delivery and deliverability has been a significant, collective challenge for senders and deliverability teams for many, many years. There are best practices and Microsoft best practices. And even

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Let’s Talk: Reputation


The next 3 or 4 Let’s Talk sessions are going to be all about reputation. We’ll start with a general overview of reputation and identity, then move on to specific kinds of reputation (IP, domain, URL, content), then we’ll talk about how to create, maintain and repair reputation. Still working on the outline, but I’m pretty convinced this will be at least 3 sessions. Let’s…

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