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Blocklists You Can’t Ignore During Peak


Email Deliverability Unfiltered Seeing your IP or domain on a blocklist during peak sending season can be unnerving. This is because being listed is often equated to deliverability issues like spam folder placement (nightmare fuel for email marketers!). While this can be true, it is not always the case. Scrambling to get off a blocklist during the holidays is stressful and can easily send you

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Email Issues That Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine


‘Tis the season for scary movies, pumpkins & ramping up email sending. Whether you avoid horror movies at all costs or ghoulishly seek them out, all email marketers, including the most squeamish, should hear these tales. This month’s collection of email deliverability horror stories is haunting and entertaining. And should act as a warning to senders who let best practices slip during peak sending season.

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How to Prepare for Peak Holiday Sending 2022


Here comes peak season, here comes peak season, right down holiday lane! Last year, holiday sales grew by 8.5%, the biggest annual increase in 17 years! CNBC also reported online sales were up 61%, no doubt tied to the new normal of online shopping. This means email marketing has a lot cut out for it this year to make performance just as strong in 2022.

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The Benefits of an Unsubscribe


The dreaded unsubscribe. As a marketer, it is hard to view an unsubscribe as anything less than a negative action that results in one less subscriber on your email list. If you look deeper, though, unsubscribes can tell you much about your email marketing and benefit your program. So, how should you respond to unsubscribes (besides honoring them)? How are these list minimizers a blessing

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Building Your Sending Reputation on a New ESP


Building a strong sending reputation is all about building trust. Once you build a good reputation, you have to work to maintain it. Sometimes you have to build your reputation from scratch. Or you may have built a strong reputation with an ESP, but now you need to transition to a new provider or sending platform. When you switch ESPs, your reputation doesn't magically carry

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Am I Hitting the Inbox? KPIs to Monitor


As conversations continue about how to market in a privacy-first digital environment, questions abound around the best way to measure email success. The KPIs that were once your main indicators all was well have shifted, making running and optimizing an email program that much harder. Getting to the inbox is hard enough as it is. Now privacy policies, like Apple's MPP, take away the effectiveness

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Busting Gmail Deliverability Myths


Gmail dominates with over 1.5 billion active users. Whether you are a small or large business or focus on B2B or B2C, Gmail impacts nearly every marketer's email program. Gmail not only hosts consumer domains gmail.com and googlemail.com but also hosts business mail through Google Workspace. So it's no surprise folks pay attention when Gmail makes an announcement or releases a new feature. There is

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Email Sunsetting Policies


Sunsetting policies are the strategic removal of customers from your communication stream or email program. Parting ways with customers and sunsetting communications with them can sometimes feel sad and bittersweet. After all the work you put in to acquire them, it can be hard to let them go. But it is a necessary step for healthy deliverability and a well-run email program. We asked email…

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When Content Impacts Deliverability


In general, the response to questions like "Will using FREE in my subject line hurt my deliverability?" will likely be "Probably not." There are so many more signals, some significantly bigger and more impactful, that mailbox providers use to determine placement. However, sometimes content IS the culprit. In this month’s roundup, email experts from Adobe, Word to the Wise, Campaign Monitor, Netcore Cloud, Hurix Digital,…

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2022 Deliverability Predictions


2021 was quite the year! The email industry got tossed around a bit by Apple’s MPP release and multiple cyber-security attacks. This has driven changes in the world around the email industry—pivoting to focus on customer privacy and digital security. But how will, if at all, this impact deliverability in 2022? In this month’s roundup, email experts from Iterable, Netcore, SocketLabs, Twilio as well as…

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Behind the Scenes: How the Holiday Season Impacts Mailbox Providers & You


It’s here! Holiday is here. Are you stretched and ready to run a marathon in a full sprint? As shoppers begin scrambling for deals and hitting the buy button faster than Jeopardy contestants, senders are reacting to sales, performance, and dishing out more and more emails. Even with all of the prep work done and ready, and even with backup plans and testing schedules ready…

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Holiday Deliverability with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What You Need to Know


If you live in America or visited during October, did you ever get an urge to scream, “Why are Christmas decorations up when Halloween hasn’t even happened?!” Hopefully, some of you are nodding, so I’m not alone. I now understand WHY those big-box retailers are so proactive when it comes to the holidays. The holiday season is a LOT of work. It takes a lot…

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Implementing DMARC & BIMI: Lessons Learned | Email Deliverability Unfiltered


When it comes to getting your emails noticed and opened in an increasingly crowded inbox, DMARC and BIMI give companies an edge over other brands. BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) allows your company logo to be displayed alongside your email messages as a reward for authenticating and verifying information about your brand. BIMI requires a DMARC record to be in place, working with other…

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Technologies for Email Deliverability


Strong deliverability is the culmination of delivery (getting your email accepted) and inboxing (“See ya never, Spam Folder!”). Often what is presented to marketers as the “10 Things to Ensure You Get to the Inbox” (or some iteration of that) focuses on strategies and decisioning, but below the surface lies a whole world of technical requirements and best practices that impacts performance as well. In…

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Finding Flexibility in Deliverability


Picking out a pair of shoes shouldn’t be difficult, but sometimes it is. Why? Because there are tons of options. And not every shoe works for every occasion. Choosing a deliverability strategy can feel the same way. In most scenarios, that trusty pair of running sneaks works perfectly, but sometimes you need a good pair of hiking boots to climb out of the trenches. And…

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From Spam to the Inbox: The Eargo Journey | Email Deliverability Unfiltered


In this episode of our Email Deliverability Unfiltered, we’re joined by Ron Dorsey, the Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Eargo, a hearing aid manufacturer on a mission to help people hear life to the fullest. Together, we explore a real-life example of how best practices, careful planning, and patience work together to move Eargo from a spammy predicament back to the inbox. Watch Full Episode…

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Handling Disposable Emails in 2021: Allow or Block


Disposable emails are inevitable. Some view them as real miscreants that take advantage of offers, disguise activity, and commit to only a transient affair. Some view them as a way to manage and protect privacy. But, no matter how you view them, they will inevitably make their way into your list. In this month’s roundup, email experts from Netcore, Word to the Wise, ActiveCampaign, Campaign…

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Email Security Advice to Combat Attacks


A compromise is beneficial when two parties are coming to the table to negotiate something they are at odds with. However, be it at work or at home, a compromised account favors only one party and the intent is not for the betterment of the relationship. Unless you’re following closely, a lot of compromises occur without much fanfare or significant news coverage. This is probably…

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Sending Domains. To Subdomain or Not To Subdomain?


To subdomain or not to subdomain? That is the question or something along those lines. There are often so many questions that come in around sending domains that range from “What is it?” to “Does it matter?” to “Should I create a new domain” to “What do I use?” to “Why can’t I use that?” to “Oh, can I use this?” In this month’s roundup,…

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