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What Is an Email Blast? (How to Do It Right)


For many email marketers, one email strategy manages to prove itself both effective, but also cringe-worthy at the same time–the email blast. The tips below help internalize your email marketing intentions from the start and ensure that your next email blast will a) get delivered b) convince your recipients to take action. The post What Is an Email Blast? (How to Do It Right) appeared

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6 advanced email automations for creators looking to scale


A great business runs like a well-oiled machine. Smooth, automatic, and consistent. It works effortlessly around the clock to deliver leads and sales, all without much tinkering from you. And while your business runs in the background, you can focus on what you love: creating and helping even more people. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Setting up automations is the first step to building…

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How these food bloggers build an engaged email list with ConvertKit


Which is better, an email list of 50,000 or an email list of 5,000? Anyone would pick 50,000 subscribers over 5,000. But that number is only as good as the engagement you receive. If that 50,000-person list doesn’t see many opens or clicks…then it’s probably time to evaluate your email marketing program. That’s exactly why registered dietitian and entrepreneur Jessica Beacom and her team at…

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A step-by-step guide to growing your email list, from a creator with 25,000 subscribers


Product designer Femke van Schoonhoven does a little bit of everything. Over the past five years, she’s been the definition of “side hustle,” building a thriving online community of fellow designers through podcasting, online courses, 1:1 coaching, and a paid online community…all while juggling a full-time job. Graphic designer Femke van Schoonhoven has built a thriving online community of 25,000 designers over the past five…

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How email automations gives food bloggers the perfect blend of growth and personalization


Email automation is to content creators what mise en place is to chefs. Both help you work more efficiently. And both benefit food bloggers. When chefs use mise en place, they prep and portion ingredients so that the actual cooking or baking runs seamlessly. Similarly, email automation is a strategy to create marketing before you need it and set it to send at just the…

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5 ways creators can use email and social media together


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok…the list of social media channels to master continues to grow. Social media is a natural starting point to promote what you’re doing—after all, it’s where your customers are. (And let’s be real, we’re all scrolling our phones at some point during the day.) But social media isn’t truly yours to command. I mean, who here has been personally victimized by…

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2022 email marketing statistics report for the creator economy


Say it with me: progress over perfection. Every day, ConvertKit creators put one email in front of the other to grow their audience. But there will always be a new goal, a budding idea, and a milestone just beyond your current reach. Instead of waiting for the ever-elusive “someday” where everything goes perfectly to plan, you can use email metrics right now to learn and…

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Finding email’s place in a crowded creator economy


Email gets a bad rep these days. It’s considered too spammy, invasive, and impersonal by many, and some think it’s on its way out. But is it really such a tech dinosaur? We don’t think so. Email stands alone in a few key categories you may have never considered. We don’t think email will ever die—and it’s a powerful tool to wield as a creator…

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