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How I hit my $10k monthly revenue goal with less than 2k subscribers and ConvertKit


Sometimes as entrepreneurs and creators, we’re much closer to our goals than we think. We’re told to grow, grow, grow, but too often in my experience time spent pursuing growth is time missed elsewhere. Here’s the thing: instead of spending so much time focusing on growing your newsletter list, you can build a six-figure business from the list you already have. For more than a

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5 ways creators use ConvertKit and Zapier automation to grow their business


You know how they say, “you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce?” Workflow automation makes that statement feel a little more believable. Handling the admin of growing your creator business is doable when you only have a handful of subscribers. But as your audience grows, so do your management and promotional tasks. That’s where automation comes in. Workflow automation with

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How to use your creator profile


Newsletters are more than just another marketing email in your inbox. For creators, newsletters are a key piece of content that helps them build deeper connections with their audience in a meaningful way. In the age of endless scrolls and short flashy TikTok dances, these newsletters have trended the opposite way—stripped down, honest, long-form communication to subscribers who have opted in to read more. If

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How to use email metrics to eliminate guesswork and unlock more growth and revenue


When was the last time you got excited to analyze your email metrics? Can’t quite remember? We understand. Email metrics aren’t exactly sexy. But there’s no denying how powerful they are. Metrics let you peek under the hood to see what’s really going on with your email marketing. They give you powerful insights into what your subscribers love, figure out what they want more of

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How to scale your email marketing with tag management


How would you feel if a brand kept popping in your inbox with information about events outside your country? Or what if a creator kept trying to sell you an ebook you’d already bought from them? You’d probably end up feeling spammed at best and frustrated at worst. This is why you need to segment your email marketing. Email segmentation and personalization make customers feel

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