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Do you need to include your ESP in your SPF record?


In the early days of Email Service Providers (ESPs), it was common practice for the support staff to tell their customers to include the ESP in the customer SPF record of the domain being used for the “visible from” address for messages sent from the ESP. Thankfully the ESPs have learned better and have stopped suggesting that. Sadly, this advice is still regurgitated as one

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Seed list based monitoring – InboxJam


As we discussed in our previous article, inbox rate (deliverability rate) monitoring is much more important than delivery rate monitoring. In this article, I want to talk about seed lists and why they may not be the best tool to use to monitor your inbox rate. They ARE important and useful, but should only be used as one data point! What is a seed list?

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Deliverability Rate vs Delivery Rate – InboxJam


There are many important metrics to monitor when it comes to identifying the quality of an ESP or your own email marketing system. Two of these are very important when it comes to having your subscribers actually receiving your messages. The one is easy to measure and report on, while the other is much more fluid and extremely hard to accurately track and report on.

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