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Dicas de e-mail para se preparar para uma alta temporada de vendas recorde


Os últimos meses do ano são um momento crítico para os profissionais de e-mail marketing. As marcas dependem muito do canal de e-mail para impulsionar o engajamento do cliente e a receita de vendas durante a alta temporada de vendas.  Mas aumentar o volume de envio nem sempre aumenta a receita. Os profissionais de marketing precisam de um plano mais eficaz.  Este ano, o planejamento

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Help! Am I Suffering from List Fatigue?


Have you noticed that your opens or clicks are dropping? Do you have a higher number of unsubscribes or complaints lately? You may have a case of (dun dun dun…) list fatigue. If left unaddressed, list fatigue can take a major toll on your email program, and ultimately, your bottom line. Let’s dive deeper into what list fatigue is, how to fix it, and how

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Apple’s MPP Revisited: More Pain Points!


Back in September 2021, email senders were coming to terms with the news that the open rate metric—a staple of email marketing reporting—was about to change forever. This was when Apple introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), a suite of privacy measures that would automatically download email images (including tracking pixels) regardless of whether the recipient actually opened the email. This caused open rates to skyrocket—but

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3 dicas do que fazer e o que não fazer com conteúdo dinâmico


A caixa de entrada está mais lotada (e competitiva) do que nunca – e à medida em que os volumes de e-mail continuam a disparar, as expectativas dos assinantes estão mudando significativamente.  O público de hoje está carente de experiências altamente personalizadas das marcas que eles amam. Dito isso, os remetentes que confiam em conteúdo de e-mail genérico correm o risco de alienar os seus

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16 Email Metrics All Email Marketers Should Track


Email is one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal. It lets you sell to your subscribers directly, ask them questions, invite them over to your social media channels, and much more. But it’s also a tricky channel, as there are so many different pieces to optimize. Your send frequency, subject lines, list segmentation, email copy, and CTAs are just a few of

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Guia do Iniciante para o Uso de Domínios em E-mail Marketing


Imagine que você está andando pelo corredor de refrigerantes no supermercado. Ao procurar uma bebida saborosa, você vê uma garrafa de refrigerante conhecido na cor marrom com um rótulo de plástico vermelho.  Sem pensar, você para e pega. Bum! Esse é o poder da marca.  A marca de uma empresa é o seu ativo mais valioso. Basta olhar para a Apple, cujo valor da marca

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Guía para principiantes sobre el uso de dominios en el marketing por correo electrónico


Imagina que estás en el supermercado caminando por el pasillo de refrescos. Mientras buscas una rica bebida, ves una botella de refresco conocida de tono marrón con una etiqueta de plástico de color rojo.  Sin pensarlo, te detienes y la tomas. ¡Pum! Ese es el poder de la marca.   La marca de una empresa es su activo más valioso. Solo mira a Apple: el valor

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Como explicar o que é SPF em bom português


O mundo do e-mail tem a sua cota de maçãs podres.  Os ataques de phishing e spoofing dispararam nos últimos anos. E, infelizmente, remetentes com mau comportamento estão ficando mais espertos e mais perigosos a cada dia.  Os provedores de e-mail e provedores de serviços de Internet responderam a essas ameaças crescentes exigindo que certas medidas de autenticação fossem implementadas para uma entrega de e-mail bem-sucedida.  Mas

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Cómo explicar SPF en buen español


El mundo del correo electrónico tiene su cuota de manzanas podridas.  La cantidad de ataques de phishing (robo de información) y spoofing (suplantación de identidad) se ha disparado en los últimos años. Y, desafortunadamente, los malvados responsables se vuelven cada día más inteligentes y peligrosos.  Los proveedores de buzones de correo y los proveedores de servicios de Internet han respondido a estas crecientes amenazas exigiendo la implementación

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Email Tips to Prepare for a Record-Breaking Peak Sales Season


Most marketers know Q4 ‘tis the season they’re told to “send more email!” The final months of the year are a critical time for email marketers. Brands rely heavily on the email channel to drive customer engagement and sales revenue during this peak period.   But increasing sending volume doesn’t always increase revenue. Marketers need a more effective plan.   This year, planning ahead is especially important

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Ask the Experts: How Virgin Atlantic’s Email Program Reaches New Heights


Virgin Atlantic’s forward-thinking approach and willingness to try new things has allowed them to lead one of the most successful email programs in the world of travel. We were lucky to be joined by Tom Nowell and Jon Lockie, two of the experts behind Virgin Atlantic’s best-in-class email program, on a recent episode of State of Email Live. Our webinar audience was full of questions

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3 Do’s and Don’ts of Dynamic Content


The inbox is more crowded (and competitive) than ever—and as email volumes continue to skyrocket, subscriber expectations are changing significantly. Today’s audiences are hungry for highly customized experiences from the brands they love. That said, senders who rely on generic email content risk alienating their subscribers and falling behind more innovative competitors. So, how can brands build strong relationships and provide consumers with the personalized

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How to Explain SPF in Plain English


The world of email has its share of bad apples.  Phishing and spoofing attacks have skyrocketed over the past few years. And unfortunately, the bad actors responsible are getting smarter and more dangerous by the day.  Mailbox providers and internet service providers have responded to these increased threats by requiring certain authentication measures to be in place for successful mail delivery.  But let’s face it:

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Baby Come Back: 5 Tips to Plan a Winning Re-Engagement Campaign

baby-come-back:-5 tips-to-plan-a-winning-re-engagement-campaign

When it comes to email, there are many reasons customers may have become disengaged with your brand. Maybe they received the wrong content, heard from you too frequently, or their needs simply changed. While it can be hard to say goodbye, it’s always better to suppress inactive subscribers than to keep them in your program and watch your engagement rates suffer. However, you may not

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Breaking Down Brand Intelligence with MailCharts


Email planning is hard. Teams are invariably under-resourced, and the next big campaign is always just around the corner. Brainstorming that next piece of amazing creative, the next eye-catching subject line, and the next perfectly crafted offer can often feel far more like perspiration than inspiration! The question is: How can marketers solve these challenges? The answer lies in great brand intelligence. In the latest

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Empathetic Email Marketing: 5 Ways to Win Over the Conscious Consumer


The world has been faced with a litany of challenges since the onset of COVID-19. Now, more than two years later, the pandemic lingers, environmental concerns loom large, rising inflation impacts our daily lives, and the war in Ukraine rages on. These crises present brands and marketers with great uncertainty and have revealed important lessons about achieving a balance between commercialism and empathy in marketing…

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Key Email Differences Around the World


For email marketers representing global businesses, it’s vital to understand that the tactics and strategies that work well in some parts of the world may not be successful in others. Taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach can tarnish the relationship you have with your customers and negatively impact your email performance. Therefore, it’s important to tailor your email marketing strategy to accommodate unique regional variances. Let’s explore…

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5 Pre-Send Tips to Optimize Your Email Performance


The inbox is growing more crowded every day. For email marketing campaigns to be successful, they must stand out, provide value, and engage readers. This is where email optimization comes in. Pre-send optimization is one of the most effective ways to boost your email performance. But because it can be a complicated and time-consuming process, it is often overlooked by email marketers. Luckily, there are…

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What Your Sender Score Says About You


Reaching the inbox is pivotal to your email program’s success. But if you don’t have a solid sender reputation, your emails may end up in the spam folder—or blocked entirely. Luckily, your Sender Score can help you understand your sender reputation, learn how to improve it, and provide you with key insights needed to reach the inbox. Let’s dive deeper into what your Sender Score…

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Top 5 Email Personalization Tips: How to Do More with Your Data


Engagement plays a crucial role when it comes to improving your email ROI. But with global email volumes at an all-time high, it’s never been more difficult to pique subscribers’ interest. So, how can marketers set their campaigns apart from the competition? The answer is personalization. Higher email volumes have resulted in higher standards from subscribers. Cookie-cutter campaigns won’t cut it anymore—today’s consumers expect personalized,…

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