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Retail Reality Surfaces Down Under


Validity took our “Retail Reality” roadshow to Australia, and the webinar enjoyed a fantastic turnout from our antipodean customers, who were full of great questions! We were delighted to welcome Felicity Robilliard, senior engagement marketing manager at online fashion retailer THE ICONIC, as our very special guest presenter. THE ICONIC’S emails are highly regarded, and Felicity was generous in sharing an illuminating set of insights…

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State of Email Live: CDP or ESP?


The stars aligned and we managed to get three, count ‘em THREE, email titans on our most recent State of Email Live webinar. Joining host Guy Hanson was Dan Denewith, senior director, strategic services (deliverability) at Oracle Marketing Cloud, Will Devlin, vice president of marketing at MessageGears, and Seth Charles, principal email deliverability and industry relations manager at Iterable. They got down to brass tacks…

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Gmail is Not Maliciously Filtering Political Email


That’s it, that’s the blog. Kidding, though only kind-of. Email marketers cringed this week when Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, was asked by not one, but two US Representatives why their email is filtered into the spam folder rather than into (presumed) constituents’ inboxes. This is not a new question for anyone in the business of sending email, nor are the concerns about “political bias…

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Cool Customer Icelolly Delivers Sizzling Email Performance!


The travel industry is one of the sectors worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis, and this reflected in its email programs. With no inventory to promote, many travel senders either had to suspend activity entirely or come up with creative approaches to help fill the content vacuum. Fortunately, the easing of lockdown restrictions means travel is now exploding back to life, and our “Destination Inbox:…

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Google Announces BIMI Pilot Program


Big news, friends. We had an inkling this would happen, but today it is official: Google announced the pilot for Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)! As all email marketers know, Google operates Gmail, one of the most widely used mailbox platforms. Google joins a select few mailbox providers in their adoption of BIMI – a program that rewards marketers who strongly authenticate their messages…

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How RentPath Adjusted Its Email Strategy: A State of Email Live Recap


This week’s State of Email Live webinar welcomed an email marketer on the very edge of the economic and social disruption seen by the world this year. Host Guy Hanson welcomed Shanna Thompson, email marketing manager at RentPath. Shanna provided a clear look at how RentPath, a website designed to match potential renters with their dream homes, pivoted in the face of adversity brought on…

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Bad Deliverability is Costing You Cash


Many marketers are under the impression more email is better. The more subscribers you send to, the more money you make, right? While the “more equals better” mindset might work for some things (cookies, puppies, rainbows… just off the top of my mind), it doesn’t work for email. You might think to yourself, “It doesn’t matter if my program’s email deliverability is poor. As long…

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Retail Reality – Expert Advice for Navigating Your Journey to the Inbox


The COVID-19 crisis posed very different challenges for email marketers, depending on their vertical. In retail, which faced store closures and a customer base restricted to their homes, we saw a load of resilience as companies relied on email to keep their businesses moving. It worked! As operations moved online, customers followed. New account sign-ups increased 2.5x and even re-engagement rates were up as lapsed…

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How Much Email is TOO Much Email?


One of the most difficult parts of email deliverability and optimization is the fact no one-size-fits-all solution exists. One sender’s situation can vary so vastly from another that a piece of advice for Sender A would be harmful for Sender B. But something you can start to use to parse out what you need to do to improve your email sender reputation and overall deliverability…

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The Quick 411 on View Time Optimization


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’re really hyped about View Time Optimization (VTO) by Verizon Media—and our exclusive partnership to provide it to Validity for Email customers. Not only does it change the way email marketers strategize, but the history of how it came to be is an intriguing and cool story we’re so happy to be a part of. We recently had a chat…

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What the Global Travel Industry Taught Us About Email During Lockdown


How are you holding up? If you’re still impacted by lockdowns, I hope you are at home and safe. In April, I presented a webinar containing some insights, trends, and recommendations for big travel and tourism companies in Brazil, so I decided to share it with others around the globe, in hopes they might benefit from these learnings. What we saw COVID-19 is impacting many…

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Takeaways from our DMA Webinar, A Journey to the Inbox


The journey to the inbox is just that – an adventure, not just a destination. Deliverability is hard; it’s part science, part dark arts, and full-time challenge! Getting a better understanding of how over 200 email marketers think about email deliverability, be it challenges, best practices, strategies, and budgets, led to new a report called “Email Deliverability 2020 – A Journey to the Inbox,” in…

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Three Things Email Marketers Should Do in Crisis, from State of Email Live


As we move farther away from the government-mandated orders and life in certain geographies begin to find a new cadence, we’re able to look at what we’ve learned through this trying time. In our latest State of Email Live webinar, Guy Hanson welcomed Bobby Tichy, regional vice president – sales, at Lev, a digital marketing consultancy, who shared some of his best advice gleaned from…

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Delivery Versus DeliverABILITY


The email ecosystem is extremely complex, which makes sense. Email is consistently the leading source of ROI for marketers. It couldn’t possibly be so simply as hitting “send” and waiting for the money to roll in. Temple University mocked up a sample email ecosystem to show just how complex email marketing really is: Image via Temple University While this gives you a good sense of…

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