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Litmus: 10 Email Marketing Predictions from the Experts


Litmus invited me and 9 other Litmus Live speakers to share their email marketing predictions for 2023. My prediction was about customer data platforms: “The sunsetting of third-party cookies, launch of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and App Tracking Transparency, and other changes have heightened the need of businesses to utilize their cross-channel customer data to make key decisions in their email marketing programs and other

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Webbula: What Are the Top Email Marketing Resources for Beginners?


Along with 8 other email marketing experts, I share some of my picks for the best resources for folks just starting out in the industry. My top picks include: Really Good Emails, in addition to signing up to lots of email programs yourself Email Geeks Slack community and the #EmailGeeks community on Twitter Your email service provider As well as (selfishly) my book, Email Marketing

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Webbula: What Are the Top 3 Skills for a Successful Email Marketer in 2023?


Along with 9 other email experts, I share what I think are the top 3 skills that an email marketers need to have to be successful. For me, they need to have: Curiosity…about consumer behavior, new platform developments, and more A comfort with numbers, as the art and science of email marketing increasingly skews toward the science Solid communication skills, as email marketing desilos and

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12 Trends a-Trending: What to Plan for This Holiday Season


This year’s holiday season is shaping up to be as dynamic and turbulent as the past few have been. But knowing what to expect and proper planning can help make the best of another tough holiday season. Here are our predictions for 12 trends to account for in your holiday campaign planning process: Plan for high inflation to persist Recession fears will heighten shoppers’ concerns

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Webbula: What Are the Top 3 Reasons You Love Working in Email Marketing?


Along with 10 other email experts, I share my top 3 reasons why I love working our industry. For me, it comes down to: Loving the constant evolution of the channel and the fact that there’s always something new to talk about Enjoying the emphasis on data and insights, in addition to the art aspects of email marketing The people, who really are extraordinarily friendly

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What’s Wrong with Email Marketing?


As powerful and unique as email marketing is, it’s far from perfect. If you want to grasp some of its imperfections, just look at what the inbox and mailbox providers have been doing. The features they’re pushing will give you a sense of what they feel is wrong with the channel. Here are the major perceived shortcomings they’ve been investing in trying to fix: Email

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Customer First Thinking Podcast: Email Still Rules


Email marketing never seems to get the respect it deserves, yet consumers continue to prefer it over every other media channel, says Stephen Shaw, host of the Customer First Thinking Podcast. I could agree more. I recently joined him on his podcast, where we talked about how the future of email marketing is as promising as ever. During our conversation, he asked me: Why doesn’t…

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On-Demand Webinar: How to Transform Your Customer Experience with a CDP


Brands are struggling with a myriad of forces, including disjointed omnichannel experiences, rapid consumer behavior changes, the sunsetting of third-party cookies, and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection. Increasingly, they’re realizing that a big part of dealing with each of those challenges is to bring all their customer data together in one place—a customer data platform (CDP). However, the CDP landscape is confusing and many are not…

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How to Trim Your Out-of-Control Martech Stack


I couldn’t agree more with Bonnie Crater’s first prediction in her recent MarketingProfs article on the Top 3 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2022, which is that “B2B marketers will trim their tech stacks.” In her article, she says, “B2B marketers will look for opportunities to consolidate and simplify their tech stacks, paring down the number of solutions they use to more manageable levels.” This has…

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Webbula: How Did the Email Industry Do During the Pandemic?


Email marketing was in heavy use during the early months of the pandemic. Webbula reached out to 9 email marketing experts, including me, to get our take on how the email industry did? There were definitely a variety of opinions on just how we did as an industry. In my answer to the question, I focused on two things: The role that empathy played in…

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Inboxing Podcast: Special Guest Chad White


I join host Hillel Berg for the second season of the Inboxing Podcast. During the hour-long conversation, we talk about: Mobile-friendliness Inclusive design and email accessibility Email marketing’s unique advantages The need to continue desiloing the email marketing channel List building Why I wrote “Email Marketing Rules” My top 5 email marketing tips for 2022 And much more

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The Future of Email Podcast: A Conversation with Chad S. White of Oracle


I join Matthew Dunn, the host of The Future of Email Podcast, to talk about major email marketing trends and where the industry is headed over the next 12-24 months. Recorded in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our conversation is pretty heavy, getting into cyber- and geopolitics. We talk about: The need for a strategic roadmap, but also the disruptions that…

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SparkPost: Tips to Prevent Burnout and Recharge Email Inspiration


Burnout has become a national conversation, as job-switching has reached historic highs. It affects all facets of our professional and personal lives, including our social, mental, and physical well-being. To help marketers recognize the signs of burnout and take action to alleviate them, the team at SparkPost has gathered their thoughts and tips, which I was honored to contribute to. We hope these ideas bring…

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Should Emails Expire? Yes and No


Most commercial email that’s sent is never deleted by recipients. Moreover, most commercial email content is only relevant for a fairly short period of time—say, weeks tops for the vast majority of it. As a consequence, mailbox providers currently store and maintain access to a tremendous amount of old and completely irrelevant email. That’s costly for them and an ecologically senseless use of electricity during…

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8 Lessons Learned from Giving 100+ Webinars


With the pandemic shutting down live conferences for the better part of the past two years, B2B marketers have leaned hard on virtual events. And as the number of webinars has risen, so too have people’s expectations. That’s a challenge because there are so many ways big and small to mess them up. Based on the 100-plus webinars I’ve done, plus the hundreds more I’ve…

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Webbula: 2022 Email Marketing Predictions from the Email Experts


While marketers are deep into holiday planning and execution, as soon as the holiday madness ends, marketers will shift to making new year preparations. To get a sense of where email marketing is headed in 2022, Webbula reached out to me and 10 other email marketing experts: Shmuel Hershberg, Shyn Media Komal Helyer, Pure360 Jeanne Jennings, Email Optimization Shop, Only Influencers Chris Marriott, Email Connect…

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Litmus: 2021 State of Email Report


If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of changes in the email marketing industry, then Litmus’s 2021 State of Email Report is a must-read. The 43-page report is packed full of survey data and insights around 5 trends: Email marketing is increasingly critical to business success. There’s no question: Email has always been important. But now? It’s essential. Personalization and automation are…

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Email Privacy ‘Regulation’ in the Age of Big Tech


Imagine if CASL was passed without first having a public comment period so businesses and other organizations could have their voices heard? Imagine if GDPR went into effect 3 months after it was passed instead of after a 2-year transition period? Imagine if CCPA applied to people all over the world and not just people in California? All of that isn’t far off from what…

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Apple’s MPP May Drive Email Design Changes that Actually Hurt Customer Engagement


Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will have a broad range of effects on email marketers, impacting email analytics, design, deliverability, personalization, and optimization efforts. Sadly, subscribers who enable MPP will receive less relevant emails and more emails than they would have otherwise gotten if marketers could better measure their engagement through opens. I also fear that Apple’s changes will cause marketers to change their messaging and…

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The 2 Social Contracts Being Broken by Apple’s New Privacy Protections


Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will have broad implications for how brands operate their email marketing program. These changes are most disturbing because they disrupt norms that have been in place for more than a decade—norms that have served consumers well and kept marketers honest. I would go so far as to say that these norms amount to social contracts, which Apple is now putting marketers…

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