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The Evolution of Spam Filters


How did we get to where we are today, in this wonderful world of deliverability? How did Internet Service Providers and mailbox providers (ISPs and MBPs) evolve their spam filtering decisions over the past 25 years or so? I’m old enough (sadly) to have been around for most of it, so here’s a quick rundown of that history, as I saw it happen. The Wild…

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Shared IPs vs Dedicated IPs: Choosing a Winning IP Strategy


🤜 It’s the battle of the Shared IP versus the Dedicated IP! 🤛 Which setup will prevail? Find out what factors into IP strategy, the benefits and downfalls of shared and dedicated IPs, and how to choose a winning setup for your email program. Why is IP strategy important? Of the many decisions made around how your email program should be configured, your IP setup…

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