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How to Prepare for Peak Holiday Sending 2022


Here comes peak season, here comes peak season, right down holiday lane! Last year, holiday sales grew by 8.5%, the biggest annual increase in 17 years! CNBC also reported online sales were up 61%, no doubt tied to the new normal of online shopping. This means email marketing has a lot cut out for it this year to make performance just as strong in 2022.

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Preparing for BIMI Support in Apple


Apple’s new BIMI support changes everything, but they need the other mailbox providers to play ball. Here’s how they’ll be able to work together to do that. Not everyone has iCloud accounts so you may not have noticed the new(ish) header: Authentication-Results: bimi.icloud.com; bimi=skipped reason=“insufficient dmarc” Knowing Apple was moving to support BIMI this fall, this header was likely tied to that. Then Spam Resource

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ICYMI: Avoiding the Naughty List and the Spam Folder this Holiday Season


It’s that time again! It might only be September, but smart email marketers know that this is the time to start preparing and planning for a successful holiday season. Recently, Jennifer Nespola Lantz and I presented a webinar on this very topic. Below we'll recap key takeaways, and feel free to register to watch the recorded webinar here. With the rise of Black Friday, Cyber

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DMARC Monitoring: What’s the Value?


Bad actors love to use a legitimate sender’s brand in their malicious emails because it’s trusted by recipients and has a good reputation. At least, they do until they destroy the reputation the sender worked so hard to build. Bad actors are the reason why we have authentication. Up until DMARC was introduced, control over what to do with messaging was at the discretion of

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Email Customer Retention Examples To Keep Them In The Funnel


In this modern marketing world, it’s more profitable to retain customers than it is to convert new ones. Customer retention is a measure of how businesses can keep their customers over time. Successful marketers put a great deal of effort into targeting customers and catering to their needs to keep them coming back. To make customers brand advocates, it’s important to establish a relationship with

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5 Best Practices For Creating Transactional Emails


Transactional emails are triggered by a customer’s interactions with your business. As with any other email, you must maintain high standards when crafting these emails to ensure that your customers are informed and protected. In this guide, you’ll learn about transactional emails and ways to improve your communication with your customers. The basics of transactional emails A transactional email is sent by a business to

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Why Email Blasts Are a Thing of the Past


Over the years, the world of marketing has evolved as more sophisticated marketing technologies have been introduced. Alongside this technological evolution, how businesses attract and engage their customers using marketing campaigns has also evolved. While email blasts may have worked in the past, they’re not well-suited for modern marketing. The marketing funnel has changed, and converting leads into sales isn’t enough anymore. In this article

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Email Newsletter Best Practices: The Dos and Don’ts


Today, almost every business sends an email newsletter, reminding customers about their products, sales, and other interesting facts. However, a newsletter would be meaningless if it lacks certain key factors critical to the customer or doesn’t make it to the inbox. In this article, you'll learn about the Dos and Don'ts of crafting an email newsletter. Email newsletters: the Dos DO: Verify your email lists

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Set Your Email Nurturing Campaign Up For Success


Email nurturing is a valuable tool for businesses. It involves sending a series of emails to customers, reminding them of what your business offers. It is useful for all kinds of businesses, since building strong relationships matters regardless of business size and capacity. In this article, you’ll learn more about email nurture campaigns and what you can do to launch a successful one. What is

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Email Onboarding Series Essentials


No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts An onboarding series is your chance to make a strong first impression and to share important information about your brand and products with customers and potential customers. When crafting an onboarding campaign, some elements are easy to overlook. Don't miss these essential elements and factors for creating a high-converting campaign that keeps your clients coming back for more. This

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The Benefits of an Unsubscribe


The dreaded unsubscribe. As a marketer, it is hard to view an unsubscribe as anything less than a negative action that results in one less subscriber on your email list. If you look deeper, though, unsubscribes can tell you much about your email marketing and benefit your program. So, how should you respond to unsubscribes (besides honoring them)? How are these list minimizers a blessing

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What Are Email Filters? And Are They Keeping You Out of the Inbox?


There’s no silver bullet to avoiding the spam folder, and even the most well-intentioned among us can land there. But spam-filter testing your emails before you send them can lessen the likelihood that you’ll end up there. Who gets through to the inbox and who gets filtered off into spam depends on numerous factors. However, if there is any reason (or many reasons) to doubt

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What Does a DNS Reverse Lookup Zone Do? And How Do You Set One Up?


Advancements in technology are revolutionizing the email marketing landscape. Email marketers need to know the ins and outs of digital tools and keep up with tech terminology to stay ahead of the game. The latest of these is the “Reverse DNS lookup zone.” But… What is a reverse DNS lookup zone? What does it do, and why should email marketers care? This article aims to

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What Can Happen To Your Campaigns Without an Email Deliverability Service?


You might have heard about many of the positive benefits of using an email deliverability service. But could your email campaigns benefit from one? Keep reading to discover what an email deliverability service can do for your email campaigns. There’s so much more to email marketing than designing eye-catching email campaigns and garnering as many conversions as possible. Before you can convert your customers, you

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Try These Email Copywriting Tips to Make Sure It Converts Once It Hits the Inbox


Formulating an effective and enticing email may seem challenging. Not knowing what your email should consist of, what tone is appropriate, or what format you should use is daunting. This guide will teach you what email copywriting is and provide you with a range of tips for you to craft the perfect email. What is email copywriting? Email copywriting is the process of writing emails

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How to Test Email Address Validity and Reachability


Email validation is the process of identifying whether an email is valid and deliverable. Email reachability describes the number of users that can be reached via an email platform. If more emails on your list are valid, then they can reach your prospects or subscribers. In this guide, you’ll learn about the benefits of testing email validity and how Kickbox can help you achieve your

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