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Key International Loyalty Regulations for Global Brands to Know


Laws affecting loyalty program management vary from country to country around the world. Key elements, which are meant to protect consumers, impact the expiration of loyalty points, define restrictions for redemption, and require permission and consent of data collection and use. Some of the laws that our Oracle CrowdTwist customers have to account for are from Canada, South Africa, and Europe. You’ll want to consult

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Loyalty: KPIs that Go Beyond the Transaction


While loyalty programs are ultimately about growing revenue, generating lift, and driving frequency, that doesn’t mean transactions are all you should be measuring. In fact, if that is your only key performance indicator, then you’re almost certainly dampening the growth of your loyalty program. To learn about 4 important loyalty program goals you won’t be able to optimize for if you’re only looking at transactions…

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Loyalty Program KPIs: Measuring Health and Performance


A loyalty program should work for its members as well as your company, says Oracle CrowdTwist Senior Strategist Carly Mathews. It’s a balancing act. And to measure how good of a balance you’re striking, you need to track a variety of key performance indicators. With Oracle CrowdTwist clients, we measure many metrics, each of which tells us something unique and important about how a loyalty

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Loyalty Program Liabilities: Definitions & Recommendations


When you launch a points-based loyalty program, you’re creating a micro-economy with its own currency, market dynamics, and—most importantly from a legal standpoint—liabilities. Because these points can have monetary value that’s realized at the time of redemption, companies must defer revenue to cover these costs. In this post, Oracle CrowdTwist Senior Strategist Carly Mathews reviews key terms and definitions from the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s…

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