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5 tips to evaluate a new Email Service Provider (ESP)


Having the right Email Service Provider (ESP) that meets your needs is crucial for running an efficient and effective operation. It also can be the source of your martech headaches.  The right platform makes it easy for you to build and manage campaigns, track performance and analyze results, and incorporate data at every step. The […] The post 5 tips to evaluate a new Email…

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4 ways to clean up your martech mess


In our previous post, “9 signs your martech is a mess,” we helped you determine whether your marketing technology stack works like a dream or is one hot martech mess. If you discovered that your tech is causing you stress, read this post to start identifying the solutions to your tech headaches. Martech messes don’t […] The post 4 ways to clean up your martech…

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9 signs your martech is a mess


Many companies come to us for help because they’re not getting the results they need from their marketing programs. With clusters of interrelated issues, companies often find it hard to pinpoint the problems. This leaves them feeling as if their martech is just a mess. When we investigate, we often find a big source of […] The post 9 signs your martech is a mess…

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New Technologies That Will Change How Subscribers Read Your Emails


I don’t have to tell you that marketing technology is always changing, you experience that every day. As an email marketer you live and breathe browsing behaviors, purchasing decisions, and re-targeting decisions based on new sets of data. Your email program has probably evolved over the years adapting to shifts trends. Consumers now use an array of devices used to check email and to maximize…

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