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How to Use “The Dinner Party Strategy” in Your Email Marketing


Have you ever wondered what dinner parties and email marketing have in common? Me neither.  But after hearing email marketing super star Val Geisler relate the two, I have to say, I’ve never heard a better analogy for creating fantastic email campaigns. In episode 4 of The FWD: Thinking Show, we talk with Val Geisler, CEO of Fix My Churn, all about how to create…

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6 Best practices for effective podcast landing pages


Jump ahead Why are marketers using podcasts today? 5 reasons why you need a podcast landing page The anatomy of an effective podcast landing page 6 tips for creating a high-converting podcast landing page (with examples) People are always looking for the most convenient ways to get information while multitasking. That’s why podcasts are becoming increasingly popular: the listener can listen while doing other things…

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3 Legal Steps Podcasters Often Forget About


Podcasting is a great medium for creating content for your audience with some unique benefits. It is more popular than ever and the resources about starting a podcast seem to be popping up every day. One often overlooked topic, however, is the legal issues that podcasters should consider. As an attorney who has been a podcast host and has worked with creatives and content creators…

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