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Dicas de e-mail para se preparar para uma alta temporada de vendas recorde


Os últimos meses do ano são um momento crítico para os profissionais de e-mail marketing. As marcas dependem muito do canal de e-mail para impulsionar o engajamento do cliente e a receita de vendas durante a alta temporada de vendas.  Mas aumentar o volume de envio nem sempre aumenta a receita. Os profissionais de marketing precisam de um plano mais eficaz.  Este ano, o planejamento

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How to Leverage Data Harmonization to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Performance


Your sales and marketing efforts are only as good as your data. Pinning your KPI-driven dreams on tainted or disorganized data is about as useful as trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. Just ask anyone in sales or marketing. For your efforts to truly succeed, you need to make decisions based on what your customers and prospects want and need. But the only way

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Decolando para a caixa de entrada: os segredos da Virgin Atlantic para o sucesso do e-mail


Quer saber como é a excelência em e-mail? Basta olhar para o céu.  A Virgin Atlantic administra um programa de e-mail de primeira classe e foi um prazer conversar com Jon Lockie da Virgin, Lead Email Developer, e Tom Nowell, gerente Customer Data and Market Database, no episódio 34 do State of Email Live.  Continue lendo para aprender uma ampla variedade de táticas de e-mail

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Validity apresenta soluções premium de qualidade de dados para usuários do Salesforce


Os dois últimos lançamentos integram-se perfeitamente à plataforma Salesforce, permitindo que os usuários avaliem e melhorem facilmente a qualidade dos dados do CRM.  A Validity anunciou no Dreamforce 2022 o lançamento das edições DeDuped e DemandTools Free, duas soluções gratuitas e exclusivas para usuários do Salesforce.  Dados de boa qualidade são a base de negócios eficientes, mas os dados continuam a se deteriorar nos sistemas

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Validity relanza su Programa de Partners para fortalecer a los mejores proveedores de gestión de datos y de marketing por correo electrónico


Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing y Jarrang son las últimas incorporaciones al programa, que se ha reabierto este mes  Validity ha anunciado el relanzamiento del Programa de Partners de Validity. Una iniciativa estratégica que da soporte a los profesionales del correo electrónico para la optimización de sus programas de engagement con el cliente y aumenta el ROI del email marketing y la gestión de

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Validity relança o seu Programa de Parceiros para capacitar os melhores provedores de serviços de e-mail marketing e gestão de dados


Enext, Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing e Jarrang são as mais recentes adições ao programa, que reabriu este mês  A Validity anunciou o relançamento do Programa de Parceiros da empresa, uma iniciativa estratégica que oferece suporte aos profissionais de e-mail para otimizar os seus programas de engajamento do cliente e aumentar o ROI do e-mail marketing e gestão de dados. Como parte do

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6 Ways to Optimize Emails to Boost Brand Engagement


As we head into Q4 and the holiday sales period, email marketers need to pull out all the stops. Most marketers rely heavily on this high-activity period to earn revenue and meet their annual forecasts.   But (spoiler alert) marketers will have their work cut out for them this year. As revealed on State of Email Live, global sending volume this holiday season will increase

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16 Email Metrics All Email Marketers Should Track


Email is one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal. It lets you sell to your subscribers directly, ask them questions, invite them over to your social media channels, and much more. But it’s also a tricky channel, as there are so many different pieces to optimize. Your send frequency, subject lines, list segmentation, email copy, and CTAs are just a few of

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What’s Going on With Gmail and Political Senders?


No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, politics and email can stir up strong emotions.   For years, email senders and stakeholders have questioned if spam placement is politically biased. Recently, a study found that Gmail (as well as Yahoo and Microsoft) flagged Republican political emails as spam at a higher rate than those of their Democratic counterparts.   The study resulted in several critical statements

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Ask the Experts: How Virgin Atlantic’s Email Program Reaches New Heights


Virgin Atlantic’s forward-thinking approach and willingness to try new things has allowed them to lead one of the most successful email programs in the world of travel. We were lucky to be joined by Tom Nowell and Jon Lockie, two of the experts behind Virgin Atlantic’s best-in-class email program, on a recent episode of State of Email Live. Our webinar audience was full of questions

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Soaring into the Inbox: Virgin Atlantic’s Secrets to Email Success


Wondering what email excellence looks like? Just look to the skies.  Virgin Atlantic runs a first-class email program, and it was a pleasure to talk with Virgin’s Jon Lockie, Lead Email Developer, and Tom Nowell, Customer Data and Market Database Manager, on the latest episode of State of Email Live.  Read on to learn a broad range of email tactics and best practices used by

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3 Do’s and Don’ts of Dynamic Content


The inbox is more crowded (and competitive) than ever—and as email volumes continue to skyrocket, subscriber expectations are changing significantly. Today’s audiences are hungry for highly customized experiences from the brands they love. That said, senders who rely on generic email content risk alienating their subscribers and falling behind more innovative competitors. So, how can brands build strong relationships and provide consumers with the personalized

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The Beginner’s Guide to Domain Use in Email Marketing


Imagine you’re walking down the soda aisle at the supermarket. As you search for a tasty beverage, you see a familiar brown soda bottle with a red plastic label.   Without thinking, you stop and grab it. Boom! That’s the power of branding.  A company’s brand is its most valuable asset. Just look at Apple—Apple’s brand value is estimated at $241 billion. And a key part

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4 Major Workforce Trends Impacting Your CRM


As renowned philosopher Kim Kardashian recently said, “It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” Could Kim be right? The past few years have been…unprecedented. (Sorry, I had to say it.) We’ve faced a global pandemic, a war, and some really, really high gas prices.   These shifts have massive impacts on where and how people work.   As we encounter new curveballs like inflation, layoffs

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How to Explain SPF in Plain English


The world of email has its share of bad apples.  Phishing and spoofing attacks have skyrocketed over the past few years. And unfortunately, the bad actors responsible are getting smarter and more dangerous by the day.  Mailbox providers and internet service providers have responded to these increased threats by requiring certain authentication measures to be in place for successful mail delivery.  But let’s face it:

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Finding Success with SMS: Top 7 Marketing Campaigns from Ecommerce Brands


SMS marketing has created a lot of buzz lately in the marketing world. SMS marketing (Short Message Service marketing) involves sending promotional messages over the phone via text message. It’s rapidly gained popularity over the last two years in the ecommerce space—and it’s easy to see why. Nine out of ten consumers prefer to communicate with businesses through text message! In a world where people

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Empathetic Email Marketing: 5 Ways to Win Over the Conscious Consumer


The world has been faced with a litany of challenges since the onset of COVID-19. Now, more than two years later, the pandemic lingers, environmental concerns loom large, rising inflation impacts our daily lives, and the war in Ukraine rages on. These crises present brands and marketers with great uncertainty and have revealed important lessons about achieving a balance between commercialism and empathy in marketing…

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Email Accessibility 101: Best Practices for Email Marketers


Accessibility is a red-hot topic in the email community right now. We featured email accessibility in the latest edition of our State of Email Live webinar series—and saw a record number of registrations. There’s a range of good reasons why senders are laser-focused on accessibility right now:   Legislation like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the U.S. and the Equalities Act of 2010

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9 Off-Season Survival Tips for Email Marketers


If you’ve just finished another chaotic peak sales season, take a moment to celebrate.   Congratulations! It’s time to take a deep breath, regroup, and work on strategy.  Peak sales season represents the year’s high point of traffic and sales for most businesses. This period used to extend from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Now, it starts in October and lasts until mid-February—meaning a pressure-filled few…

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