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How to predict the future of the creator economy


Who was the first creator? It’s popular opinion to say Justin Hall, an undergrad who created the first blog. He called it his personal homepage and used it to share HTML examples. Today, there are 2+ million professional creators. They're making content for niches spanning shark conservation to experiencing a $21,000 flight. The creator economy has changed a lot over the past few decades. It’s

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How to be more confident on camera for content creation


There’s nothing wrong with feeling unconfident on camera. It’s actually pretty normal. You’re used to talking with people with expressions and sharing body language to show you how they’re feeling about what we’re saying. You’re a lot less used to talking to a tiny black circle. Yet, between social media, video calls, video lead magnets, and video courses, you’re on camera more than you’ve ever…

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How to leverage TikTok and Instagram Reels to grow your email list


We can all agree on one thing surrounding short-form videos like TikToks and Instagram Reels—that escalated quickly. In 2021, Instagram announced they were no longer a photo-sharing app. They were a video platform. The announcement came from the thriving success of their biggest competitor, TikTok. TikTok brought short-form video into the mainstream with its 29.7 million daily active users. But, growing your audience on Instagram…

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Ready to quit Instagram? Here’s how to approach it.


We’re all tired of algorithms that don’t make sense. At the beginning of 2022, popular lifestyle influencer Jess Ann Kirby went public to her 137,000 followers about taking a break from Instagram. “Without even thinking about it, I was so mindless,” she wrote on her blog. “I kept asking myself, ‘If Instagram wasn’t responsible for a large part of my financial livelihood, would I still…

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5 ways creators can use email and social media together


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok…the list of social media channels to master continues to grow. Social media is a natural starting point to promote what you’re doing—after all, it’s where your customers are. (And let’s be real, we’re all scrolling our phones at some point during the day.) But social media isn’t truly yours to command. I mean, who here has been personally victimized by…

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How musicians use TikTok to grow their fanbase


Would Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” have become the number one most streamed song of 2021 if it hadn’t been for TikTok? “Drivers License” took over TikTok for months after its release, sparking a trend from musicians to write new lyrics and make TikToks based on different perspectives like: Her ex-boyfriend Olivia’s mom The person driving behind her TikTok loved it. Using TikTok, musicians can share…

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How to use TikTok to grow your email list


Just under 1/7 of the world’s population uses TikTok. In September 2021, TikTok reported 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. That's 45% growth compared to their 689 million monthly active users in July 2020. Creators have taken notice of the newest social media platform’s growth…and the varying interests of its users. People build large niche audiences on the platform for mixing paint, talking about freelancing,…

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How to Market Your Business With Social Media


You probably don’t need statistics to understand how important it is for businesses to market on social media. But here are a few to give you an idea of social media’s reach:  There are currently 3.78 billion users on social media worldwide—that’s almost half of the world’s population.  Internet users spend an average of 144 […] The post How to Market Your Business With Social…

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A creator’s guide to Instagram Reels


If Instagram Reels haven’t sucked you down an hour-long rabbit hole yet, we have to assume you have superpowers. Reels are Instagram’s latest foray into video. The quick, vertical videos are taking over newsfeeds worldwide as more creators hop on to the trend. Seeing your favorite creators sing a verse from their newly released song, talk about their favorite topic, or create a funny, relatable…

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How Pinterest coach Cara Chace uses opt-ins and evergreen automations to grow her audience


Many creators build a business because it feels like a better fit for their lifestyle than any other job out there. This was the case for Cara Chace, who left her career as a Special Agent to build a digital marketing agency. She then narrowed her focus to Pinterest and created the Pin Power Method, a 12-month marketing program she teaches to busy entrepreneurs. Cara…

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The 6 questions to answer before writing your Twitter threads


Tell me if this sounds familiar: you read a Twitter thread from somebody that made you think, “Wow, that was really good.” Your creative mind immediately sparked an idea. What if you wrote threads too? Could you grow your Twitter following? Break down long videos and articles into bite-sized tweets? Promote your products through strategically written threads? The answer is yes, to all the above.…

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How to use Twitter to build your email list


Are you intimidated by Twitter? Do you scroll and consume 24-7? Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Twitter can be invaluable for building an audience and boosting visibility. If you’re strategic and intentional, Twitter can help you reach massive creator milestones. In this episode, Alyssa and Melissa discuss actionable steps to growing a following on Twitter and expanding your email list. Don’t…

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5 strategies to turn your Instagram audience into email subscribers


There’s a big problem with the Instagram audience you’ve worked so hard to build. You don’t own it. Instagram’s complex algorithm decides how many of your followers get to see your content—not you. Studies peg global reach on Instagram at only 34.37%—that means if you have 10,000 followers, only a third of them will even see your content. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, or writer,…

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How to increase your Instagram engagement (in under 1 hour per week)


Jump ahead A quick refresher on Instagram engagement What's a “good” engagement rate on Instagram? How to increase your Instagram engagement (in under 1 hour per week) Repeat this process each week to boost your Instagram engagement Having a large following on Instagram might give you the warm fuzzies—but not every follower is created equal. In fact, your follower count doesn't matter a whole lot.…

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How to organically grow your Instagram: 5 proven ways to attract followers


Jump ahead Why is organic Instagram growth so difficult? 5 simple tips to organically grow your Instagram following Plant the seeds of organic Instagram growth “If only I could get more followers on Instagram, this whole online business thing might get easier.” It's a problem I hear all the time from new creators. It's easy to feel envious of influencers when their Instagram accounts are…

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The complete guide to Instagram Stories for creators


Jump ahead What are Instagram Stories? How to use Instagram Stories How to make Instagram Stories Instagram Story features How to create Instagram Story Highlights. How to use Instagram Story Insights Instagram Stories are one of my favorite aspects of Instagram. I love the ability to quickly share content in a snap and interact with my followers. But they are often overlooked when it comes…

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How to craft a five-star Instagram strategy (in 8 easy steps)


Jump ahead Step #1: Define your Instagram goals Step #2: Get to know your Instagram audience Step #3: Scope out the competition Step #4: Define your Instagram brand Step #5: Review your existing Instagram content and profile Step #6: Plan the content you'll share Step #7: Set up a consistent posting schedule Step #8: Track your progress against your goals Be strategic with your Instagram…

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4 Expert-approved strategies to grow your audience using LinkedIn


Jump ahead Why choose LinkedIn over other social platforms? Four steps to grow your list using LinkedIn Start growing your list with LinkedIn today Now I know what you're thinking. LinkedIn? For list building?!? But hear me out. Sure, LinkedIn might have had a bad rap in the past as a hotspot for pushy salespeople and job seekers. Lately, though, things have changed. I've noticed…

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