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Stop with the incorrect SPF advice


Another day, another ESP telling a client to publish a SPF include for the wrong domain. It shouldn’t annoy me, really. It’s mostly harmless and it’s just an extra DNS look up for most companies. Heck, we followed Mailchimp’s advice and added their include to our bare root domain and it’s not really a huge deal for companies with only a couple SaaS providers. Still

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Command Line Tools


Tools that you run from the command line – i.e. from a terminal or shell window – are often more powerful and quicker to use than their GUI or web equivalents. Their output is plain text so it’s much easier to copy and paste into an email or a slack conversation – sure, you can take a screenshot of a GUI tool and share that

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Why Email Experts Love Twilio SendGrid’s Event Webhook


If you ever want to get a Twilio SendGrid expert talking, ask them about the Event Webhook. Then get comfortable because they’ll have a lot to say! Twilio SendGrid’s Event Webhook is a bit of a darling. Businesses love this powerful tool because it gives teams unlimited access to real-time data on email campaigns. And […] The post Why Email Experts Love Twilio SendGrid’s Event…

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Google Analytics Email Marketing Tracking


Google Analytics (GA) is a great free resource that helps you stay on top of your website’s performance. But did you know that GA is also useful for monitoring your outbound emails? In this post, we’ll show you how to use Google Analytics email tracking to gain statistical insight into your campaigns. Plus, if you’re […] The post Google Analytics Email Marketing Tracking appeared first…

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Apple MPP reporting and geolocation


A while back I wrote about Apple Mail Privacy Protection, what it does and how it works. Since MPP was first announced I’d assumed that it would be built on the same infrastructure as iCloud Private Relay, Apple’s VPN product, but hadn’t seen anything from Apple to explicitly connect the two and didn’t have access to enough data to confirm it independently. But the nice

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Apple MPP


You’ve probably heard about Apple Mail Privacy Protection. Email marketing chat has been all a-twitter about it since it was announced in June. Skipping over all the “Openpocalypse” panic, what is it and what does it do? Image Loads It’s all about images in email and how they’re loaded (particularly invisible one pixel images that are used solely for tracking). Why do we care about…

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