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Finding email’s place in a crowded creator economy


Email gets a bad rep these days. It’s considered too spammy, invasive, and impersonal by many, and some think it’s on its way out. But is it really such a tech dinosaur? We don’t think so. Email stands alone in a few key categories you may have never considered. We don’t think email will ever die—and it’s a powerful tool to wield as a creator…

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What creators need to know about NFTs and community


If you’ve spent any amount of time consuming content online, you’ve likely seen the acronym NFT floating around. Do you know about NFTs? And do you know how NFTs can benefit you as a creator? Whether you’re an NFT expert or you’ve only heard about them a couple of times, NFTs will continue to become more relevant in our economy. And for creators, they will…

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How to choose the right medium as a creator


If you’re a full-time creator—or you’re rocking a creative side hustle—you know how overwhelming it can be. With so many creators out there and so many channels to spend time and money on, where do you even begin? Do you invest in your dream podcast series? Or do you create a YouTube channel that you share on Instagram and Twitter? How do you even know…

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The realities of trying to make it in music


In a country obsessed with money, fame, and overnight success, building a sustainable career as a musician can be a huge challenge. Banking on becoming an overnight sensation in a world as saturated with content as ours is a risky move. But without immediate profit, music-making can quickly turn into a money pit. So how do you reach your goal of being a musician without…

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How to think like a scientist to help your creativity


The scientific method is straightforward. Identify a problem, draw a hypothesis, run an experiment, collect the data, and find a conclusion. What if we approached our creative side hustles with the same data-driven mindset? Creators of all types procrastinate, get stuck, burn out, or simply lose momentum. When work is personal or we live like perfectionists, it’s especially hard to break out of a rut…

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Can you be both a generalist and a specialist as a creator?


When starting out as a creator, you’ll likely find yourself in a jack of all trades position, working every part of the job to get your career off the ground. Unless you have a lot of extra funds at your disposal to outsource the work you don’t want to do, in order to succeed, you have to learn how to do everything. This brings up…

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