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FedEx AMEA revamped its loyalty program and membership skyrocketed


With customers moving toward a digital-first experience across the globe, FedEx Asia Pacific and Middle East, India, South Africa (AMEA) saw a need to modernize its loyalty program, My FedEx Rewards. FedEx AMEA knew it also wanted to connect better with its small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Many big, global clients receive discounts, but SMBs don’t have enough volume. With all this in mind, the brand

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With credit cards on a rebound, financial services brands want their share of card transactions


For the past several years, consumers have felt the impact of economic peaks and valleys. From record-low prices and stimulus money to rapidly increasing inflation, it's been hard for consumers to keep up.

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Cause marketing: Insights on green buyers and how to connect with them


Earth Day is coming up, and with it a slew of brands coming through with cause-based marketing, hoping to appeal to green product buyers. And cause marketing has a real impact on a brand’s bottom line: 64% of consumers say they’ll buy or boycott a brand depending on its stance on a social or political issue.  Consumers are four times more likely to purchase from…

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5 ways AI enhances the customer journey from conversation to conversion


Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction. What was once confined to the silver screen à la 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Wars is now fueling business decisions around the globe. Gartner reports that 59% of organizations worldwide have already deployed AI, and they expect to double the number of projects in place within the next year.

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Three customer retention strategies that build long-term loyalty


It’s easy to get bogged down with all the changes happening in the marketing world (think: deprecation of third-party identifiers, changing consumer behavior, a pandemic...you get the picture) and forget priority number one, which is keeping our customers happy and coming back to our brand. So, let’s get back to basics and talk about a topic that can save marketers a lot of time and…

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GM Financial, Inspire Brands and Marriott share their current obsession—the customer


You’ve heard it a million times—"the modern marketing landscape is in the middle of a major change"—which is inherently true. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed marketers to completely rethink the way they communicate with customers, and the deprecation of third-party cookies coupled with increasing privacy restrictions by the likes of Apple and Google have made it even more difficult to have that dialogue with customers digitally.

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What big brands can learn from DTCs: How Blondery perfected the recipe for a personalized customer experience


Refining and perfecting a recipe is a baker’s Everest. Working through two, three, four iterations of a recipe take time and dedication—a passion (and ability) shared by few. Auzerais Bellamy, owner of Blondery, is one of the few.

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Your new favorite recipe—4 steps to real-time personalization


Have you ever baked something by following a recipe—maybe a layered blondie cheesecake jar from renowned DTC bakery, Blondery, or even Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies? What happens when you don’t have all of the ingredients and their measurements? Or a bowl and mixer to transform those ingredients into the finished goodies?

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