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Am I Hitting the Inbox? KPIs to Monitor


As conversations continue about how to market in a privacy-first digital environment, questions abound around the best way to measure email success. The KPIs that were once your main indicators all was well have shifted, making running and optimizing an email program that much harder. Getting to the inbox is hard enough as it is. Now privacy policies, like Apple's MPP, take away the effectiveness

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Webbula: What Are the Top 3 Reasons You Love Working in Email Marketing?


Along with 10 other email experts, I share my top 3 reasons why I love working our industry. For me, it comes down to: Loving the constant evolution of the channel and the fact that there’s always something new to talk about Enjoying the emphasis on data and insights, in addition to the art aspects of email marketing The people, who really are extraordinarily friendly

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