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How business consultant Terry Rice used Creator Pro to build a better email newsletter


Business consultant Terry Rice had one of those lightbulb moments eight weeks ago about his email list. Normally, when someone asks him about his audience, Terry says, “I’m a business consultant, which normally involves helping entrepreneurs build their brand and revenue.” After weeks of emails with lackluster response rates and few clicks, he knew something wasn’t right. “I realized I wouldn’t read my own newsletter

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Can store-within-a-store partnerships save big-box retailers?


Last weekend, holiday shoppers entering Macy's at Chicago's North Shore location stopped just inside the door, contemplating an odd promotional display. For one thing, the branding was different—a giraffe was involved, and one of the letters was backward.      On closer inspection—these weren't even Macy's products! The display directed shoppers to patronize a different icon of 20th-century retail: Toys "R" Us®. Once a staple

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Finally, the death of “domain warmup” tools!


Over the years, I have seen more and more of these so-called “domain warmup” tools appear. These tools are used to warm up new domains used in cold outreach. Many of the cold outreach tools have this functionality built-in, but lately, I have been seeing more and more dedicated services that offer this service. Let's look at an example from one of these services, which

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