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30 Questions to Ask Your Next Email Service Provider


Senders need email service providers (ESPs) like avocados need toast.   After all, ESPs help senders create better designs, manage their subscriber lists, stay legally compliant, and measure results more effectively.  But it’s normal for your needs to shift over time as your email program evolves.   If you’re hitting roadblocks with your current email service provider (ESP) due to growing send volume, increase in mail…

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How to Test Email Deliverability, And When You Should Do It


You need a complete picture of your email program’s performance. Knowing how to test your email deliverability, when to do it, and why it’s important can help you reach your recipients’ inboxes and help you obtain a positive email ROI. Have you noticed your open and click-through rates have been tanking lately? Or are you losing subscribers left and right? These are clear signals that…

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Holiday Email Opt-Outs: An Empathetic Approach to Subscription Preferences


As email marketers, we know the importance of holidays, which allow us to create timely, playful content that drives conversions. That’s why we spend so much time planning holiday email marketing campaigns.  But as humans, we also know some holidays can be difficult. For example, receiving a deluge of Father’s Day marketing emails can bring […] The post Holiday Email Opt-Outs: An Empathetic Approach to…

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Command Line Tools


Tools that you run from the command line – i.e. from a terminal or shell window – are often more powerful and quicker to use than their GUI or web equivalents. Their output is plain text so it’s much easier to copy and paste into an email or a slack conversation – sure, you can take a screenshot of a GUI tool and share that,…

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For financial marketers, rising inflation signals doubling down on digital strategies


Consumer prices in the U.S. have posted their biggest annual gain since 1981, primarily driven by spikes in the cost of gasoline and other goods. Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by 0.50% in an effort to slow inflationary pressures currently gripping the U.S.

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The 2022 State of the Creator Economy Report is live


The creator economy is on the move. Upward, that is. $800 million in venture capital has poured into it since October 2020, and Google Trends interest for the term quadrupled from March 2020 to today. But that’s no surprise to us. As the creator marketing platform built for creators by creators, we believe the future belongs to creators. They’re the ones shaping culture and completely…

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How to Verify Your Email Address List: What to Use, and What to Look Out For


On the outside, your email lists might appear legitimate. As far as you can tell, all of the email addresses included in your lists should be there. Or should they be? Email verification can give you insights about each one. Let’s assume you manage massive email lists with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of subscribers. Email marketing is your largest channel and sending email campaigns…

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